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Armed Bounty Hunters Raided Our Clients’ Home to Prevent Private Companies from Losing $1,670

Armed Bounty Hunters Raided Our Clients’ Home to Prevent Private Companies from Losing $1,670

Andrea Woods, Alex Rate
Around 9:20 p.m. on Sunday, April 23, 2017, Eugene Mitchell, Shayleen Meuchell, and their four-year-old daughter were in bed at their home in Lolo, Montana, when they heard a violent crash. “It sounded like a truck had driven straight into our house,” Mitchell later said. In a surreal flash, armed bounty hunters kicked in the front door, broke into the bedroom, pointed assault rifles and pistols at the family, and shouted at them not to move.

The bounty hunters terrorized the Montana family.


Unbelievable. What a deeply sick society we live in.


This is of a piece with another article appearing today, about armed vigilantes “patrolling” the New Mexico/Mexico border with even less legal justification. It’s a short step from kidnapping to murder, and these are just the type to take it.


Is this what the second amendment’s “Well organized militia” is all about? Enjoy freedom and dee mocracy.
Historically the second amendment’s" militia" may have referred to posses for hunting escaped or revolting slaves. The original constitution already provided for raising militias, but by the Federal government. Unfortunately the whole issue is a bit obscure; hence the second amendment gets debated to death. The purpose of defending slavery is embarrassing to people who want unrestricted gun rights.


Hi rain shadow----hmmm, maybe the, “well regulated militia,” should get called up and sent, you know, around the world to see all of the 800 U.S sites. It would be like the Whiskey Rebellion, where everyone had a rifle and knew how to use it. That’s probably one reason why America was able to beat the British-----along wiht the fact that the British soldiers just wanted to go home. I am sure that they quickly figured out that war was not their war.

We will need militias to put down the other militias. Does justice and freedom have to be so complicated?

“The British (American) soldiers just wanted to go home. I am sure they quickly figured out, that war was not their war.” BID. --------------- Requiem of a Vietnam veteran. my words


Along with the “Defense”, “Intelligence” and “Security” based industries, Financial Capitalism is one of the worst types. It produces little of any value at all, except to
insure that wealthy investors are able to make guaranteed, risk-free profits. There is
no “there” there. There is certainly no “free market” there. The only free market that
exists in this country is to be found at your local thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales;
everything else is a giant con. A country that can’t even make its own shoes is destined
to fail the great majority of its citizens.


Mafioso types rule the world. The police, military, and intelligence agencies act in the same manner. No knock warrants in the US are issued for little reason at all where police bust down doors, shoot family pets and the people too merely to find some weed.

This country needs a revolution and the mafiosos need to be shut down.

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