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Armed Insecurity in the Age of Endless War and Mass Shootings


Armed Insecurity in the Age of Endless War and Mass Shootings

Robert C. Koehler

“. . . no real security, just powers of retaliation.”

This was Norman Mailer, four-plus decades ago, writing in Miami and the Siege of Chicago about the obsessive security measures – “helicopters riding overhead like roller coasters, state troopers with magnums on their hip and crash helmets, squad cars, motorcycles” – at the Democratic and Republican national conventions, which . . . uh, didn’t actually provide security, but sure allowed us to get even afterwards.


…“we can’t dehumanize someone else without dehumanizing ourselves”

To which I’ll add that the “elite” maintain their position by seeing that the masses do just that.


Mr. Koehler is like the man who takes a date out to dinner, orders for HER, and says, “We’ll be having the steak and fries.”

The entire frame of this article is offered as WE when the violence it speaks to and about is done by males and reflects patriarchy’s preference for war, force, machismo, and proofs of manhood demonstrated through expert (if not purportedly fearless) use of firearms.

It is precisely the frame that eliminates the feminine side of the equation, a problem seen in the disproportionate representation of MALES in all bodies of power that leads to this redundant outcome–itself the manifestation of a great imbalance. This phenomena is then couched in a unified WE context that makes the feminine half of Creation invisible, inseparable from its other half (and blocked from playing its intended role of counterbalance), and without voice.

THAT is the great violence that consigns to the human race the CURSE of a redundancy that might be compared to a large boat with males on one side and females on the other… and ONLY the males allowed to use their oars or decide on the boat’s purported direction.

There IS no other possibility than said vessel circling endlessly, making NO progress. And this crew with only half its human resources permitted to allot input speaks as WE. Falsely! As its experts argue–human beings are bound to go nowhere. Note the “evidence” of this “fate.”


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Yes, it is “an unfathomably complex world.” We may be in a condition of ecological overshoot at this time, and fascists are having children every day. Who am I to say no?

Guns? Violence? Cynical realism, no?


Blah blah blah.


“…No real security, just powers of retaliation.”

Peace through retaliation; peace through murder; peace with honor; all Orwellian terms. Violence is only necessary as a last resort and only if your country is attacked by another country.

And may I ask: Who is the #1 country that is attacking other countries around the world? And what country thinks war is the answer?


You can’t kill someone without dehumanizing them. If you realize that they love and are loved just like yourself, then you would feel to guilty after killing them. That is why the MIC has spent fortunes making up terms to explain murder in ways that individuals can live with. An example “collateral damage” really means murdering someone on you own side or an innocent person.

But wait, it really does not work that well when you look at the suicide rates among our soldiers who have served in combat zones.


Actually if you think that a fertilized egg is a human then we must shut down all fertility clinics. They destroy millions of fertilized human eggs a year much more than abortion clinics by far.


A soldier once told me the “reason” for him going to Iraq and killing people: “We’re fighting them over there so we won’t have to fight them over here.”
Oh yeah? You keep pissing people off by bombing the $#!+ out of people and torturing them, what do you expect? STOP PISSING THEM OFF!
And these proto-fascist wannabe Sturmabteilungs with guns? They are militarized radicals! What does Wesley Clark have to say about this? Oh, but they’re paaatriots! They’ve got their “Operation Hero Guard.”
If you’re going to suspect radicals, then don’t discriminate. Oh, but it’s Muslims we’re supposed to be hating.
Well, if I owned a store and some snaggle-toothed KKK kracker came in wearing a confederate flag on his T-Shirt, what would happen if I refused him service? This door ought to swing both ways. And don’t let it hit you on the way out, Billy Bob.


With all due respect, the feminine is NOT just “an intended role of counterbalance”, but rather deep multi-faceted and integral aspects that defy the silo component inherent in your comment. These do not enter into some form of instantaneous stasis by or for any demiurge aiming for ideological assertions without having to engage commensurate wrestling with the rhetorically and conceptually distorted.
Railing in solipsistic mode conflating outcomes with blatant rhetorical distortion of where real power lies is in turn to belie an ignorance and/or denial of the vast majority of healthy human beings in constant engagement with these and seeking to maintain healthy dynamic equilibrium. The vast majority recognize life that is being sustained in spite of the distortions - and the numbers are growing. Therein, I would submit, lies the integrity of dynamic equilibrium of ‘we’ as in naturally multiple and differentiated.

As footnote - it has been noted that the ancient symbol of yin yang is not just about the black portion or just about the white portion but the dynamics of interface. Also notable is that interface not being a straight line, but rather the image poetry of recognizing both hemispheric dynamics.


No, but I do believe that the Catholic Church is just an extension of the Roman Empire. According to “Before France and Germany” by Patricck J. Geary, most of the rich Roman Senate families went on to become Catholic Bishops and “History of Private Life, Volume I: From Pagan Rome to Byzantium” Series edited by Phillippe Ariès Georges DubyVolume editor Paul VeyneTranslated by Arthur Goldhammer, the rich men in Rome had their wife and their boy. This explains a lot to me of the why the Church did nothing for centuries about Priests molesting little children.