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Armed Suspected QAnon Supporters Arrested Over Alleged Plot to Attack Philadelphia Convention Center

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/06/armed-suspected-qanon-supporters-arrested-over-alleged-plot-attack-philadelphia


Thank you to the tipster, Philly police for apprehending the armed goons and D.A.
The FBI ?? Will be Barred.

They are too rich. The gasoline cost for that Hummer is …
The color is ugly, so they have no ‘taste’.
Besides, there is some pizza joint in DC that should change its name and moniker
to take advantage of all the zany Internet trash talk Q’non gives it.

Let us begin giving an IQ and emotional illness test before a gun license is issued!!


Don’t worry: these peabrain scumbags aren’t the only ones who have weapons and know how to use them. Glad to know their bumper sticker and will be on the lookout for these assholes.

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Article shows comparison to Japan.


If people bothered to plan ahead they would already have access to whatever weapon they prefer.
Intelligent use? That’s another story.

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The only people who believe this unmitigated foolishness are the turnip truck rejects, you know the ones who fell off the truck. In other words, Trump followers! You can cure ignorance by providing education, but unfortunately you can’t cure stupidity, that comes from growing up in a turnip patch.

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Out of the blue, the phone employee who was installing my fiber optic internet last year casually asked what I thought about “Qanon”.
“Oh, you mean the crazy conspiracy theory that an international pedophile ring is being run out of the basement of a pizza joint that doesn’t actually have a basement? I think anyone who would believe that nonsense is a moron.”
He finished the job without saying another word.


To my dear fellow commenters: You may with self satisfaction denigrate the intelligence of and spew invective at anyone who believes QAnon. Can you wrap your head around the fact that all your venomous anger and hatred is being purposefully fomented and manipulated? The same of course is true of the anger of those you despise. Does it not occur to you that a purported armed attack foiled by an unspecified “tip” is a hallmark of a sting operation? I have no information one way or another about this; only a healthy and very deep suspicion of everything the ruling class tells us through their organs of control. They have quite obviously been hyping and I would say actually promoting the idea that the election would lead to violence. Whose purpose does that serve? What a pitiful state we’ve come to; a malevolent oligarchy has successfully set the common people at each other’s throats while they put us all under the domination of a high tech totalitarian police state. Please don’t take the bait. The QAnon people and Trump supporters are not your enemy.

Man you need to get a little more Sun

Majority of people move like cattle
No “Organized Social Manipulation “ needed

You have hay on one side of the pasture the cattle move to that side

No Thought Control

While I accept Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent as valid

The degree and quality of the manipulation is quite transparent if one is even mildly thinking

It’s easy to recognize advertising once it interrupts your favorite movie

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Then please explain why Trump regularly retweets Qanon “information”, or why he would endorse a Qanon headcase like Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene.

I’ll wait…