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Armed With AR-15, QAnon-Believing GOP Candidate Threatens 'Offense' Against Progressive Squad

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/04/armed-ar-15-qanon-believing-gop-candidate-threatens-offense-against-progressive


Greene has outed herself as a lover of fascism, and will probably have to be put down like her Nazi brothers and sisters were in WWII. These wingnuts aren’t redeemable, nor can they be reasoned with.


She’s standing up for American values - aggression, racism, hate, wilful ignorance and an inability for self reflection… " No truth, No Justice" is the Amerikkan way.


Pretty serious stuff - from the article:

"Greene is one of 15 candidates for public office who have verified Twitter accounts and have promoted QAnon, which has been linked to several violent crimes and has been classified as a domestic terror threat by the FBI."

I know one guy at work who was talking conspiracy stuff last year - and he mentioned the name ‘Q’.

I had no idea what that was all about. This man was a nice guy - typical apparently of the type of person that Q attracts - on the surface. Deeper down - he was an Evangelical type - and denied man made climate change, to cite but one example.

So when I came across this “The Atlantic” articel, I dove in:

Here it is in the link below - it is a strikingly good and thoroughly researched article imo, and I recommend it to all who wish to know more about this ‘new religion being born’:

"How Q’anon is Warping Reality and Discrediting Science",
by Adrienne LaFrance


PS: I watched that vid about Belleau Woods Recon - much appreciated.

I was stunned by some of the comments on that war veterans thread - some progressives obviously live in a make believe world.


She wants …“strong conservative Christians.”

That’s what’s taking down the world …

Beliefs create behaviours.


Marjorie Taylor Greene is exactly what Mr.Hedges has labeled Many others like her: CHRISTIAN, FASCISTS! Trump is correct when he called Greene a: " FUTURE REPUBLICAN STAR"… Make that a future church insanity star!


The cumulative intelligence of the republican party continues its march into the abyss. Just the way drumpf wants it.


The image for this article is horrible. SO tabloid.

“Nutters R Us” must be the mantra of this bunch of delusional neo-nazi “true believers” - criminal pathology beyond any and all sanity!


"In late 2017, Greene (aka Eva Braun) recorded a video in which she promoted the QAnon theory - “Q is a patriot, we know that for sure” Greene said - which bizarrely holds—among other things—that Trump was hand-picked by military commanders to take down a global child sex-trafficking ring run by public figures including Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and the Dalai Lama."

You cannot fix crazy or stupid, and they should not be allowed in a government of any reason and moral compass - apparently just fine with “conservatives”

Here are the current Dalai Lama’s words:

"Take care of your Thoughts because they become Words
Take care of your Words because they will become Actions
Take care of your Actions because they will become Habits
Take care of your Habits because they will form your Character
Take care of your Character because it will form your Destiny,
and your Destiny will be your Life.

There is no religion higher than the Truth."

His Holiness, Tenzin Gyatso - 14th Dalai Lama


When the hard right uses imagery such as shown here and elsewhere, of “people” arming themselves, the hard right claims such people are expressing their “Second Amendment Rights”, and when a progressive says or does anything similar, it’s terrorism. Maybe it’s lucky for conservatives that progressives have a higher action threshold…


Bracketing the word conservative with quotation marks is certainly proper, since Trump and his Death Cult are anything but conservative. And you’re clearly right in saying

“You cannot fix crazy or stupid, and they should not be allowed in a government of any reason and moral compass - apparently just fine with “conservatives”.”

This is yet another example of why Trump must not be allowed to remain in office. The stakes are simply too high.


Boy Howdy is that right! Many more people need to heed that warning and finally see the wisdom - any other course is onto the rocks and worse! Peace.


To paraphrase the Gospel of Matthew, “All they that take the AR-15 shall perish with the AR-15 (or some similar weapon).”




I doubt most of these gun toting wingnuts could recite the complete second amendment - not just the NRA version that leaves out the second part - let alone explain why it was added to the constitution. These people are ignorant and of poor character and this is being exploited by the gun industry, the president and other like-minded people to further their own selfish and evil agendas.

Sane, intelligent, and mature people of good character don’t need to own weapons, especially if the reason for owning them is to harm other people.


Good link and quite a read. I knew very little about this group myself, so this was informative for me also. It appears someone or group realizes there are very gullible people in the world, and are using these people to accomplish many things they don’t realize. One of the most dangerous things this group does, besides projecting violence, is the way they muddy the waters, in the publics mind, about real conspiracies that real investigators are researching, recent and past. I saw a lot of this type of action in my exhaustive research on the 9/11 event, even though this group didn’t exist at the time. Using known reputable entities and intermingling them with compromised ones. The “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth” is a good example, the members are generally honest and want the truth, but they have unknowingly been compromised by their leader, Richard Gage. There are many examples of this mating of truth and fiction in stories surrounding the event, discrediting researchers when the fiction part is exposed, and discrediting the truths at the same time.
Because of the similarities between the 9/11 false information and this QAnon false information, it makes me wonder, if they’re related to some degree, and put forward by an entity of, or ex-entity of the “intelligence” community to sow division amongst the people, and make sure the 99% don’t come together as one, against their oppressors. I have no proof, just a gut feeling.

Glad you enjoyed the posted vid. Came across him by accident, and discovered he claims the title of journalist now, but has an extensive background as a military contractor, with many military personnel links. He doesn’t come across as sophisticated, with his southern draw and look, but hits the mark on subjects, more often than not.

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The irony over the huge popularity of the .223 round (Ar-15 and M-16), is most don’t know about it’s history. Until it’s invention, the .308 round was standard issue in the military, this round, being heavier, produced many deaths on the battle field and is still used by snipers today. But the sicko’s who analyze battlefield behavior decided a better strategy was not to kill, but to wound on the battlefield. The theory was, if you kill the enemy, you’ve eliminated one combatant, if you wound a combatant, you’ve eliminated 3 combatants. The wounded person, and two people to get them to medical help. Hence the light, ultra fast, barely stable .223 round was born. It’s so unstable that at certain ranges, when the round strikes a solid object, it tumbles end over end. People today are buying these weapons in droves as the “best killing weapon” around, and have no idea it was never intended to kill. Not to mention the unreliability of the weapons that are chambered for the .223.


Should read: “southern drawl”, not draw

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You’ve got that right Buffalo Bob, Clarabell is watching, and Knuckle Head Smith is in the White House.
One gun at a time, this is how it starts.


It has been pointed out that the “god” of yesterday is the Devil of today and here we are. When a bunch of barbarians adopt a foreign god they do not understand (in this case a Jewish Rabbi) it is bound to set up an entire host of psychic problems and it would explain a lot of the founders of US America along with their offspring.

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