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Armed With Fear, But Not Evidence, Officials Go After Encryption in Wake of Paris


Armed With Fear, But Not Evidence, Officials Go After Encryption in Wake of Paris

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Despite no available evidence that terror suspects used encryption to plan the Paris attacks, U.S. intelligence officials and lawmakers are seizing on the massacre to demand access to protected communications—in what critics warn is a blatant attempt to exploit fear in order to expand state surveillance.


Since Islamophobia is rampant. Maybe Foxy News would allow me to be a contributor like Bo Dietl " lets stop worrying about people's ( read Muslim/Americans ) rights" if I said the following:

It is way past time that we closed all the Mosques in America. All American Muslims, who are American citizens, should be issued special papers to show, the proper authorities, in order to travel in the US. Just like in WWII when we relocated American citizens of Japanese descent to interment camps they need to be reopened so that any Muslim Americans that fail to show their special papers can be relocated as suspicious persons of interest that could be potential terrorists.


Not nearly enough. Every Muslim should have to wear a crescent on his/her sleeve. To stem the flow of funds to terrorist groups Muslims should be barred from owning any business. And, because arbeit macht frei, all Muslims should be rounded up and forced into slave labor camps awaiting the final solution to the Muslim problem. THAT will get you on Fox News, perhaps even your own show with Sean Hannity representing the views of the right.


No doubt. And if we said that on Foxy News, they would not even recognize it as satire!


There is plenty of evidence indicating these 'terror operations' are in reality 'false flag operations' designed to create fear of a scapegoat enemy and garner support for further war on the axis-of-oil-bearing Middle East region. Just do a Youtube search on the title:
A global act of false flag terror - on tour: Ole Dammegard

These perspectives will not be aired on mainstream, perception management, news services,yet people may wish to peruse some of the collected material.
I compiled plenty of evidence to raise doubts about the 'official story' being given us regarding the recent terrorism in Paris.

Just google search the topic: Paris Attacks and US arming of ISIS - Woollam


Feinstein and her husband are always looking for a way to enrich themselves.


No matter what, ways to keep perpetual war for perpetual profit must be found. If that means scapegoating any one particular group then so be it. Neverending war is a necessity. How else are the huge profits to be made?


As saner heads have stated, what is needed is for the EU to centralize their database of travellers who enter the EU. The so-called mastermind of the Paris attacks, despite international arrest warrants, returned to the EU from Syria via Greece some time before the attacks, but French authorities were not notified by Greek authorities until 3 days after the attacks.

Once again, the remedies recommended by the National Surveillance Agency and their ilk bear no resemblance to what needs to be done from an intelligence standpoint.

Movements of Isis extremist prior to Paris attack raise EU security questions


Amy Goodman's show today spent the whole hour on this subject with Glenn Greenwald. It should be on tape at "Democracy Now!".


With so many politicians caught infraganti in sexual situations and scams, you would think they would be the greatest defenders of privacy


Defending the actions of one's private parts is not the same as defending the democratic privacy of others................


"in flagrante", possibly?


From the Spanish meaning "to catch redhanded".


"claiming that such concerns have made it more difficult for authorities to identify "murderous sociopaths" in ISIS."
Oh don't worry John, I've gotten pretty good at identifying murderous sociopaths.


Thank you. It's nice to learn something new.


Indeed the situation among Schengen zone members of the EU is much as it would be if 40 of the 50 US states had endorsed freedom of movement between each other and had no border controls or ID checks on state boundaries between each other and had no single border authority to monitor those entering/exiting this 40-state free movement zone. It's a recipe for miscommunication,delays on transmitting important info in another country, and for abuse by people who want to enter the zone but who would not be allowed if there were consistent checks upon entry. The problem is that "slow-track" EU members like the UK that didnt' sign up to Schengen resist forcefully what they see as a surrender of sovereignty to a supra-national body like a new border patrol agency. But, it seems to me, that either Europe has to give up its dream of uniting more fully or it's going to have to develop pan-EU govt enforcement of laws like immigration and security that affect all members in major ways ...



And it's even more complicated. I watched a brief description of the problem in Belgium alone. There are something like 19 districts and six police agencies that don't do a very good job of sharing information with each other, which was presented as a big part of the reason that so much jihadi action has originated in Belgium.


"if you create a product that allows evil monsters to communicate"

Fairly certain that has been already created and it is called VOICE.

The lack of intelligent conversation, combined with the fear mongering, and the propaganda,
makes this one sickening to observe.

Like the bush methodology, "steer the ship of state towards the rocks and then demand unconscionable actions to stop the ensuing shipwreck"

Geez, you Bomb the Hell out of everyone, and never once put forward a solution for the millions of refugees you have created, and then wonder why the revolutionaries can so easily recruit followers.

So to fix this madness you demand more, more, more

The further away the government gets from enforcing the Bill of Rights,
the more we will experience a schizophrenic reality.