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Armed with Policy Solutions and Populist Rage, Campaign Vows to 'Take on Wall Street'


Armed with Policy Solutions and Populist Rage, Campaign Vows to 'Take on Wall Street'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

On Tuesday, a coalition of more than 20 progressive activist and labor groups will launch a new campaign to reform the financial industry.

The group, Take on Wall Street, aims to utilize public anger at the banking industry and the momentum of the Occupy Wall Street movement, as well as the efforts of groups like the AFL-CIO and Communications Workers of America (CWA), to introduce an agenda that would change the way the financial sector operates.


I would like one more, no more war without a war tax on Wall Street where the blood money is realized.


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Glad to see this. A real sign of progress -- one of many.


This is what the future looks like from my vantage point irrespective of who might occupy the white house. The revolution is taking form and many groups are unifying around main economic, political and environmental issues all around the globe.


Call congress and the department of justice ( I do all of the time), and demand that jail time be retroactive for these creeps. Just commenting about it won't cut it. Also demand that these ceos go on trial, and not just pay fines ( which do not come out of their pockets). Then raise their taxes, and close loopholes !


Really? Then why are people voting for the Nasty Trump?


Organize, and do not be afraid. Work with baby boomers who have experience at protesting also.


Capitalism no longer works for the many just the few. Do not use credit cards. Companies that use debt as a business ( the rethugs love this) do not belong in society.


Yes, wonder how many of them actually served in the military-probably a big fat zero!


The religious faith in the system profits on denegrading women, minorities and others who are not exactly like them- a threat to the American dream.


Street-level reality: Not everyone is able to work, and there aren't jobs for all. What should we do about all those who have been left behind? The Dem voting base remains split by class, as it has since the 1990s. Yet another decade of merely calling for jobs isn't going to do a whole lot. Trickle-down still doesn't.


The American wing nuts party is in sharp decline, this maybe their last gasp. They are of little education or common sense, just angry perhaps for some good reasons. On the other hand the progressives are numerous and growing rapidly, it's going to be our time and future, believe it!


Author sez:
"The campaign is calling on U.S. Congress to adopt pending legislation that would introduce five key changes:

•Close the carried interest loophole that lets billionaire Wall Street money managers pay lower tax rates than nurses or construction workers;
•Create a Wall Street speculation tax that would discourage short-term bets and generate billions in new revenue...;
•End "Too Big to Fail" by breaking up the big banks—making them smaller, simpler, and safer;
•Stop subsidizing million dollar CEO bonuses by ending the CEO pay tax loophole; and
•End predatory lending and also expand access to fair consumer banking services through 'a public option' like postal banking."

So, overturn the platform of both the "Democratic" and "Republican" parties? Interesting concept. I'm sure congress will consider it judiciously.


Martha Stewart went to jail.....a successful woman! Of course....because she was a woman and


Bernie Madoff and his brother went to jail. Several in Iceland went to jail. ...
Angelo Mozillo, and his favorite borrowers Barney Frank and Chris Dodd should have gone to jail, but didn't.
Several committed suicide...
Scott Coles Principal of Mortgages Ltd., Phoenix, June 2 2008
David Kellermann CFO of Freddie Mac, hanged, Apr 22 2009
Adolf Merckle German Billionaire, in front of a train Jan 5 2009
Kirk Stephenson British Private Equity Fund manager, in front of a train, Sept 28 2008
Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet Manager, lost $1.4 Billion to Bernie Madoff, slashed wrists, Dec 23 2008
Alex Widmer Head of Julius Baer Holding AG private banking. Dec 3 2008. Julius Baer says that his death isn't related to the bank's business.
Death, not yet determined
Jeffry Picower Had "earned" $7 B from Bernie Madoff's fund. Object of investigation. Found dead in swimming pool, Oct 25 2009.


Several possibles. A few I can think of...
* I have heard that J.M. Keynes believed that as society became wealthier, & he meant and intended that the great mass of the public, starting at the bottom, then those people would take their wealth as leisure, causing a decrease in per-person productivity, and by that means everyone would be employed.
* The Neo-Luddites explicitly believe in destroying labor saving devices, to the point necessary to ensure everyone is employed.
* Believers in economic overshoot, like EnemyofWar, seem to believe in social Malthusism and the Gaia theory, that Gaia will kill enough people, starting with the not-so-able, and also destroy labor saving devices. If man survives it will be at a standard of living and means that will require everyone to work to survive.


Aah, the question that is so hard to work and solve... Who will regulate the regulators?

(-- It was Adam Smith, and his ilk's idea that in a free market in a free society, customer scrutiny of a business' reputation would do it. One of those 'invisible hand' things .... -- This is what activists hope that labeling food as 'GMO' will do, though more by the 'scarlet letter' than by the grapevine of community consensus.)