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Armenian Genocide: Turkey's Day of Denial Amid Remembrance for a Genocide in All But Name


Armenian Genocide: Turkey's Day of Denial Amid Remembrance for a Genocide in All But Name

Robert Fisk

They were brave Turks and they were brave Armenians, the descendants of the murderers of 1915 and the descendants of their victims.


Like your friends in the “Blame Voters” brigade, you purposely conflate victims with perpetrators.

There are many people fighting for justice in this age and others; and then there are the sects that dominate through financial, military, and media power.

To take what the dominators do (through their misuses of power) and attribute THEIR sins to all is a blanket condemnation of the entire human population. This broad-based prejudice allots no room for dissent, no witness to goodness, and not only narrows the field of the possible–it justifies what dominators do by arguing (in tautological fashion) that this is all THAT human beings could do.

Of course, such a limited imagination cannot envision a world where women held equal sway in decisions, war was not prized, misery was not justified through patriarchal religions, and diversity allowed for (and invited) other societal models… rather than the crumbling immoral “house” that the White Male Dominators built and insist upon keeping in place.

YOU are like the guy driving the car who cannot admit that he’s lost and resists turning the wheel over to the wise woman seated next to him. She has another route in mind…

YOU do not speak for me or billions of women!


What about the greatest genocide in history…The systematic extermination of the Native American by the US government, sanctioned and cheered on
by the American Society. Why isn’t that ever addressed?


Unfortunately Adolf Hitler knew what he was talking about when he started planning the extermination of the Jews and Gypsies… “Who, after all, remembers the extermination of the Armenians?” There was also a concurrent extermination of the Assyrians by the Turks. Too bad even our current political leaders lack the courage to even mention these millions, thereby helping in the cover up.


Im sorry, but what in the world are you talking about? I thought this article was about remembering the Armenian Genocide.