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#ArmMeWith Solidarity Against the NRA and Militarizing Our Schools


#ArmMeWith Solidarity Against the NRA and Militarizing Our Schools

Jesse Hagopian, Jessie Muldoon

"Dear Congress, who will die next because of your lack of action? Who will you murder next? Because your lack of action is causing people to die. The next person who dies because of an AR-15 will be on you!" —Sheryl Acquaroli, survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, addressing the Florida legislature


People will be withdrawing kids from public schools. Thus education costs may drop, except for money going to gun companies. That fits on with the trending less money for public use.


You mean money going to private schools will go to gun companies??? That should make you happy!


I’m sure many do reenact the land grant by god scenario.
Grandfather’d lands that followed granted all some immunity.

The oil barons are more to blame most any stripe.
Luxury air travel RV remote oil fuels burning for gasoholics.
GM/Ford 1970’s van tech still TOP municipal purchase.
FWD Hybrid Paratransit Low-Floor weight placement next design.
Effective 35mpg on various fuels balanced with battery operation.

God forgave the stranscrepancies (spel?).
so sorry…/^; about it…him/them…polluters.

Drive less fly less ship truck less, walk more, bus it.
with this particular new small bus in fleets…


Every new decision seems to create a series of new catastrophes.
What I am thinking next is that Devos and family are going to have to move move their money from private schools to gun manufacturers.


Because you’re never too young, dear students, to learn the truth about your country; that is to say, you don’t matter. You really don’t. By this time next year, you’ll know.


So what would you suggest they (and we) do? Just curl up and die? These kids have in fact demonstrated that they DO matter, and as they register to vote, they will gain yet another way of voicing their demands.


No, they should do just what they’re doing. Maybe it will make a difference. Observation after Columbine, Sandyhook, Virginia Tech, etc., etc., etc., etc. suggests otherwise. Looks like the best we can hope for is that schools become a little safer while the risks at malls, theaters, night clubs, concerts, workplaces, churches, wildlife refuges, ball fields, and innumerable random locations remains the same; that is, intolerable. Check back with me in a year, after another fifty or more mass shootings.


The Parkland kids have turned the tide. The AR’s days are numbered.


I sure hope so.


I truly hope you are right.

Here is my question.
What precautions are being taken for the safe passage of these kids during their march?
The number of sub 100 iqed gun empowered are just too many in this country.


Please don’t denigrate those with intellectual disabilities any more than those with mental-health issues. The kind of stupid you’re talking about has nothing to do with IQ.


That is the whole idea. Look who Devious ’ brother is- a military contractor!