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#ArmMeWith: Teachers Lead Opposition to Trump's Plan to Give Educators Guns


#ArmMeWith: Teachers Lead Opposition to Trump's Plan to Give Educators Guns

Julia Conley, staff writer

As students lead the nation in fighting for stricter gun control legislation, teachers across the country are speaking out against an alternative measure President Donald Trump has suggested to prevent school shootings like the one that took place last week in Parkland, Florida: arming teachers and training them to u


It isn’t even a fire. Horrific as these events are, they are actually very rare: 6 mass shootings in K-12 schools over 19 years (Columbine to Parkland). And judging from the number of schools there are in the US (minimum about 125,000, according to https://nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/display.asp?id=84), giving them each a minimum of 180 days in session a year (NJ’s legal minimum), that means there have been at least 72 million uneventful school days for every one of these horrors. That a whole generation should have lived through all of those days in terror of being shot by their teachers is to me a greater horror. Yes, one death is too many, but let’s focus on the lives and put the prevention on removing the threat rather than increasing the fear.


You have to be kidding me right?

A slaughter of 17 kids at a school from a long list of shootings at schools isn’t a fire? To every school kid in the US it sure as hell is.

Agree with your position against arming teachers at school, however I’ll side with the passion of these amazing and courageous kids who definitely see a fire raging out of control.



As a middle school teacher, I have, believe it or not, several brilliant ideas regarding this asinine “solution”:

  1. Have everyone who knows nothing about pedagogy stop dictating policy and curriculum.
  2. Pay us a real salary, and fully fund schools.
  3. Allow us to teach our students how to think and reason.
  4. If our students know how to think and reason, then they won’t need guns because they’ll be too busy working and building lives and helping the less fortunate, because built into thought and reason is empathy.


Let the education begin: (posted previously by Ditton)


More like hijacked, but I agree.


The fire the kids see is the availability of weapons of war to people just like them. That I agree to. Don’t go looking for a fight. The mayor of my little township in NW NJ wants to arm the “door monitors” at the 4 schools on my street. I’ve likened that proposal to salting our streets because it snowed yesterday in Alaska.


You asserted that you saw no “fire” regarding the number of shootings that have happened since Columbine, and then you go to a bizarre extent proving your point with statistics.

You should send that one to the NRA as a talking point.

These kids HAVE addressed the overall number of shootings at schools as their main point of outrage.

Me looking for a fight?

My goodness gracious, me?


The madness and arrogance of the orange cretin knows no bounds .- The “like really smart, stable genius” - the legend in his own mind - is in reality a shallow, narrow-minded ignoramus…


There IS a fire, as you correctly write Psy-Chick ,and its growing by the week. The violence our nations leaders encourage, sustain, and fund - while de-funding and/or cutting programs of social uplift - and their contempt for the lives of “ordinary” people in so many ways breeds violence in youth and adults who see no viable future to cling to. When one has nothing left to lose anything can be the result.

The increase pushing of psych meds on our kids mirrors the increase in school murders.



“A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” - Martin Luther King Jr


Children being ‘protected’ in school by militarized teachers is a frightening and deeply concerning image that will be etched into their young developing brains and is reminiscent of how the Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany was indoctrinated beginning from a very young age to be made ready as ‘cannon fodder’.

From here on out 45 should only be allowed to speak or use his tiny twitter hands under careful supervision by an independent psychiatrist who understands psychopathy as well as the ideology of fascism…


To your fist point: Get the corporate criminals out office. Screw 'em. We owe them nothing as they have demonstrated time and again that they care only for themselves and their money. (Also, get the corporations out of education. I’m sure I speak for many teachers when I say that I’m tired of being given some half-assed curriculum that I’m supposed to choose among two or three other half-assed curricula which is slanted in some cases lately–(my experience)–toward the “glories of capitalism”. We want/need to teach unvarnished truth).

AS for your other two points: Capitalism, in this country, has been turning into a corrupt and diseased swamp since 1900. It’s time to adopt some of the versions of capitalism that other countries like japan, France, Holland, Spain, et al. use where people are treated like human beings; everyone makes money and there’s still “free enterprise”, something I believe that we no longer have here. There’s absolutely no reason for a CEO of any company to make 300 times the income of his or her average employee.
Yes, indeed, the assholes in power…I’m tired, weary, exhausted by assholes. We need to get rid of them. And we need to pass legislation forbidding any former member of government, regardless of position, from accepting, pursuing or otherwise being employed by any lobby as it could/would most likely lead to bribery and corruption.


Wow, the Waldman piece - educative and useful! Thanks, Giovanna-Lepore.


Trump is in over his head so far that it’s ridiculous that anyone even listens to the drivel that he constantly spews…


Amen brother…


That would be at least 700,000 gun sales! If Trump has his wish you may want to invest in one of the gun manufacturers… because this could be a windfall for you!


"…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” seems pretty clear to me; and, I’m not an NRA person, have never been; and, never will be. But, my dad fought in WWII; and, I grew up with guns; so, I may have a different perspective that those who didn’t.

But, with the U.S. teetering toward 3rd world bankruptcy; the police being militarized; and, the military now operating within the country, we citizens may, at some point not far off in the future, need to protect ourselves from those who do have guns and other weapons.


The following article concurs with your “only thought”:
The Gun Violence the Media Shows Us and the State Violence They Don’t – Feb 20, 2018 – Nick Pemberton – GreanvillePost

What is not said enough is that gun violence is a natural consequence of a society that solves its problems through violence and conquest abroad. A society that promises an American dream and never gives anything in return leaves a trail of despair. A society that defines success as profit off of others no doubt makes others into adversaries.

The mental health issue is valid too but the Republicans are trying to make all of us as mentally ill as they are. Schools are turning into prisons, in both their physical structure and their philosophical one. Prisons themselves are crowded enough to be schools. The argument what kills (guns or people) is a silly one because they both do. Who could deny that Barack Obama was mentally ill as he dropped drones around the world and expanded the nuclear arsenal?..

We do not hear about the mental illness of our Presidents or their financiers (well we do for Trump but that is only because he tweets as morbidly as he acts). We do not hear about the mental illness of the police, ICE, or generals. We do not hear about the mental illness of the gun manufacturers themselves. No, you are only mentally ill if you kill without a badge. As long as you are an agent of the state (and it’s financiers) you are killing for a purpose—for freedom, democracy, safety—so you are sane, you are often even revered.

To a certain extent the cops are being exposed, although little will change until we gain community control of the police. Let’s give full credit to Black Lives Matter here. But we are still quite behind on the issue of war and peace. … We shouldn’t just be upset that America can’t grant freedom to us while we send soldiers to fight for it elsewhere—-we should be saying that putting soldiers in other countries is itself a violation of freedom for people abroad.

A life lost is a life lost though, so we should take these shootings seriously. When a mass shooting happens it is always inexplicable. Therefore it needs explanation. Behind every mass shooter must be a story that we could prevent. It was because gun laws were lenient. It was because his mental health was not treated. It was because of a political agenda. All of these things are true and there is no doubt ways to reduce gun violence through reformative change that are important.


“‘the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.’ seems pretty clear to me."

Totally clear. Especially when you don’t amputate the sentence, it becomes clear that “militia” meant the colonial state militias, as they were called, vs. the centralized army - making a “well regulated militia” a citizenry armed and regulated by each state government.


And not to diminish Vegas and street murders and cops shooting unarmed civilians. I love guns and want a colt 45 chrome plated revolver with a rifled barrel. Thank God I can’t afford it. I remember when customs officers were not armed, or British Bobbies didn’t carry. We have become a crude ugly society solving all our problems with violence. No wonder the unhinged choose violence to be heard. How about a little more “Shock and AWE”, and don’t forget to splatter more blood across the video game screen.