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Arms and Influence


Arms and Influence

Ben Freeman , William Hartung

It’s another Trump affair -- this time without the allegations of sexual harassment (and worse), the charges and counter-charges, the lawsuits, and all the rest. So it hasn’t gotten the sort of headlines that Stormy Daniels has garnered, but when it comes to influence, American foreign policy, and issues of peace and war, it couldn’t matter more or be a bigger story (or have more money or lobbyists involved in it). Think of it as the great love affair of the age of Trump, the one between The Donald and the Saudi royals.


Flattery of a Fool is determining our Futures.


The problem I have with the thrust of this article is that it suggests that somehow the US being led by the nose by the scheming Saudi’s , and their “good intentions” blinded by the promise of arms sales and Jobs.

The USA and the UK are FULL participants here fully aware that civilians being targeted and actively providing the Saudi’s with targeting information. These attacks on Yemeni wedding parties were happening under the Obama administration as well. The United States of America and its Military has ALWAYS seen Civilians as a legitimate target. See Hiroshima.


This article is a fine example of why I read news here at CD.
This deeper view into who is pulling the strings and wagging the dogs of war is necessary and important at this point in time.
No war! no war, no war… is my deepest wish.


The new meme is that the poor Saudis are being attacked by Yemen. That bombs are raining down on them and that they are innocent and don’t deserve to be attacked.
Just the one that states Iran is behind all the terrorism, though ISIS and Al Quada and all the various side groups are Sunni and Iran is Shi’ite. Thus the real Sunni state that funds the terrorism is not criticized for the fanatical version of Islam that they push upon the world. They walk away free and clear while Iran is being prepared like a stuffed turkey for dinner of the US military.
The Saudis and Israelis know how to play Trump. Both want Iran destroyed for their own reasons. And they have enlisted the neocons into their circle who, now having gotten rid of an obstacle to war (The nuclear deal), are free to demand that the evil Iranians must be wiped out before they can attack us.


Actually it the US citizens who are being led by the nose by those in the US wanting war. And they are easily led by the cries of be scared, the terrorists are coming for you, they are going explode mushroom clouds, they are coming for your women.
We were warned by Ike about MIC. We didn’t listen. We prefer the wolves telling us the sheepdogs are our enemies as we go off with them and they devour all that we have. No fun listening to the sheepdogs.