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Arms Bazaar: Needs Wars, Eats lives


Arms Bazaar: Needs Wars, Eats lives

Paul Rogers

It seems to be business as usual in the worldwide "war on terror". The United States military is currently embroiled in many hotspots where violence, fear, and the ever present reality or threat of high explosive are the order of the day. Those conditions mean, for people at the sharp end, multiple distress. But for suppliers of weapons and military equipment, the good times – which never really went away – are back.


False Flag 9/11 allowed Endless War to kick into High Gear, having been started with the murder of President Kennedy as he was about to end the Cold War and bring World Peace.

The Viet Nam War, which was NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN had JFK’s Documented Plan to completely leave not been reversed days after his death, began Our Nation’s slide into Nuremberg Worthy Wars of Aggression, benefitting the very Subjects of this Piece.


C’mon, the peacekeepers need their toys…


Peacekeepers? Really? Where? I thought they were extinct, because I haven’t seen any peace being kept in a long time. You’re more likely to see a “Bigfoot”.


How do you fight the power when they have all the money, the weapons, the police, the military, the media, the system, the Internet and the government?

Do we sign petitions and beg politicians to help, give them more money than the Koch’s do, protest, get maced, beat up, thrown in jail, pay big fines to get out of jail, get on a no-fly list, vent on the blogs, vote for a losing third party, retract into our couch, watch the wreckage on tv and pray Hurricane Trump blows itself out?


The Christian Bible says: " blessed are the peacemakers" and the American government says: blessed are the war makers! But of course the war profiteers have managed to spin the Biblical saying by such Orwellian terms such as: " PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH" ! “NATIONAL SECURITY” ! WE ARE BRINGING THEM FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY!

The arms bazaar needs bogus enemies; to support it’s egregious, war profits.


Wish everyone in the USA and perhaps the world would read this.

We are WARS because wars make money. Just think if we could put all that effort to good use.


Excellent points !

More and more I am separating the USA [political] from the United States [people] from America [the idea declared by Thomas Jefferson].

The idea is not dead - America is a work in progress - as are all nations, and for that matter - all people and their institutions.

I’ve just turned this corner - after a very bad bout of pessimism.

This is a revealing article - I hope the numbers are good - supposing they are - that’s powerful stuff.

In his peace speech, JFK remarked on how difficult and tedious is the quest for peace. As usual, he was right on in this observation.

But if we are to go with facts - it is also true that this has never been a peaceful world - not at any time - not at any trophic level - even Archaea compete for space and life, as do the two other designated domains of life, the Bacteria and the Eukarya (which includes us).

Peace on Earth is thus an idea, not unlike the idea enshrined in the Declaration of Independence.

Ideas are sometimes worth fighting for - no matter how seemingly absurd.

How to think of this then ?

Maybe the answer is simply a new cultural imperative - necessitated by resource scarcity - our numbers - and our weapons of mass destruction.

Common sense would then dictate a new way forward.

We do have common sense - I believe it.

But not everyone - including an awful lot at the top of the proverbial pyramid.

We need perhaps to envision a new pyramid - one not based on money.

And at the individual level - act on this - as I see no immediate way of changing things from the top.


In the Summer of '63, JFK, months before the CIA, Military, FBI Coup, with the help of Pope John XXIII had reached an agreement with Soviet Premier Khrushchev to announce a Joint Venture to the Moon, effectively Ending the Cold War.

Khrushchev had gone so far as to begin retooling Munitions Factories (Tanks) to Aerospace.

Kennedy, for his part, Documented US Intentions to Completely Leave Viet Nam, AVERTING the, as yet not started, VIET NAM WAR.

Not so Tedious when you have World Leaders who are willing to be both Human and Sensible.


Thanks for that HC !


Sadly, Christians seem to endorse most wars, especially patriotic one. There are plenty of Christian recruits to the armed services, too.


I would not call Christians that endorse wars and condone murdering people for war profits…Christians. I agree with Hedges, they should be called: "FASCISTS WHO CLAIM TO BE CHRISTIANS.


The commas in the list should be decimal points.