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Arms Conference in Mexico Aims to Bring Transparency to Weapons Trade


Arms Conference in Mexico Aims to Bring Transparency to Weapons Trade

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Officials from more than 100 governments are expected to attend the first weapons trade conference in Mexico this week to address the global arms race fueling human rights abuses and war crimes.

The inaugural Conference of State Parties, taking place in Cancun from August 24-27, will follow the lead of the global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)—which was adopted in 2013 but still awaits implementation by world powers.


“Black market arms industry is major cause of human rights abuses and war crimes, says Amnesty International”

In Mexico and Latin America, the major cause of human rights abuses is the US War on Drugs.

In the Middle East and other countries, the major cause of war crimes is war profiteering.


The perspective that the US War on Drugs is the major cause of human rights abuses in Latin America is a gringo perspective. Weapons pollution caused by the USG and US corporations is the major driver of kidnapping, extortion, drug trade, the prison industry, gangs, corruption and more in these countries.


What I see with the gun trade is that it is surrounded by the energy of fear and greed. The challenge for law makers is to step forward and take the high road despite opposition when it comes to the manufacture and sale of weapons.

The U.S. especially must step forward given their high profile role in creating misery.


This is accurate, and it is a near perfect description of what both US Political parties routinely practice: “[N]o sane definition of national sovereignty includes the right to sell arms for the violation of human rights in other countries,” Sanchez wrote. “A nation willing to carry out such an act is not defending itself, but rather infringing upon the sovereignty of other nations that only want to live in peace.”

Both US political con cults routinely give and sell arms to Saudi Arabia and Israel and Turkey and Egypt as reward for their genocidal practices domestically and around the Middle East.


US support for death squads in South and Central American nations played a large/huge part of a metastatic culture of hideous violence, IMO - El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras among other areas. The US trained, armed, and supported violent depraved killers to slaughter “leftists”, trade unionists, church leaders, students, native rights leaders, entire villages - anyone that opposed the oligarchy, US corporation domination and right-wing terrorists. Killings of environmental activists and native tribal leaders is ongoing. The drug trade also contributed to and may be seen a child of right-wing death-squad violence - and profits/funding for the CIA as was the case in Asia. The current violence and legacy of violence and depravity can be laid directly at the doorstep of US “anti-Communist” policy and CIA.



the new divisiveness of war, the everyday emphasis on war, is the old class struggle by the domination of the poor. The civilians pay not only is cash, but in the 1:100, or 1:200 deaths per soldier - make that “warrior”- so don’t thank these men and women for their service. Ask them, was it worth it?