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Arms Experts Sound Human Rights Alarm over 'Killer Robot' in Dallas



Just another tool of the police-state that will be accepted by the public because the victim of the domestic drone robot is accused of killing cops........a "shocking tragedy" and more business as usual........
The Israelis use automated robot machine guns (along with much else) to kill Palestinians - we are all becoming Palestinians to a degree more or less - black Americans much more! Israeli "advisers" have "trained" many US police agencies in tactics to be used against civilians......


Obama speaking from Warsaw Poland where he is drumming up support for an attack on Russia while war games go on and troops and missiles are placed on Russia’s borders says...

“When people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately, it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic,” he said. “So, we’re gonna have to consider these realities as well.”

“I think I speak for every single American when I say that we are horrified,” he said.

"a vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement" in Dallas.

What do people say when he mets on Tuesday to decide who to kill robotically? When he strikes a wedding party do they not say "a vicious, calculated and despicable attack”? What do they say when those who rush to help the wounded and the survivors are double tapped?

Obama has no moral legs to stand on and make these remarks. STFU my asshole president.


"A robot may not injure a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm." (first law of robotics - Handbook of Robotics, 56th Edition, 2058 A.D.) - I, Robot - Isaac Asimov, 1950


The eerily prophetic stories of Science Fiction becoming reality.

Battlestar Galactica and Blade Runner both gave my solar plexus a sickening hit knowing that we were on the way to this heartless insidious stuff. And we have arrived.


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Fear is an absolute motivator and respect based on fear is despicable.


Just the beginning. It's a safe bet that they will escalate the use of robots, drones and tanks.


Exactly, this is precisely what i have been warning the readers here for a long time that the US government is copying the Israeli military tactics on the American people and it will only get worse unless we put a stop to both Palestine occupation and US occupation by the pro-Zionist forces working in the shadows. The end game is establishment of an global empire starting with occupation of Palestine. Israel has been so enormously successful by going against the will of not only the many UN resolutions but the opinion of the entire world, hence goading politicians in the US to copy the Israeli military doctrine and apply it in the USA.


Well, Bush had the camps built. They are still there.
* We've seen the "pain ray" demonstrated. It is available.
* We've seen "sound cannon" in use to break up protests.
* We've seen the increasing use of gasses, and some new ones in use or being field tested.
* We've seen "nacht und nebel" in use many times.
* We've seen the "Brownshirts dressed in Blue" becoming combat equipped. I think we are turning our SA into the SS
* We've seen the prison system turned into the largest incarcerated, for profit, gulag in the world.
* We've seen our Constitution and the Bill of Rights shredded, to be replaced by the illegal, misnamed and unconstitutional "Patriot Act," followed by the implementation of ever increasing legislation of control of We the People by the wealthy "ubermensch" of the 0.001%.
* Apparently the Fourth Reich has learned a great deal from its predecessor, the Third Reich, including how to avoid some of the mistakes it made.
* In Nazi Germany it was "Today Germany, tomorrow the world!"
* In the Fourth Reich it is "Full Spectrum Domination" of the world through military and financial means.
* As We the People wake up and begin to react, this same plan is being used to consolidate the power of the Reich here at home.
* If the 0.001% finally consolidates its power by putting the corrupt, venal, Red Queen in the position of FOTFR (President Fuehrer of the United States Fourth Reich), what little freedom remains in the Reich will be ruthlessly stamped out. They've been practicing, and seeing what they can get away with. Little by little, they are upping the ante.


I am deeply concerned that the pattern of militarization is wholly inappropriate in civilian life. Specifically that in 'war' "the enemy" is killed, no questions asked.

In civil society, particularly a society that is dominated so heavily by military backed adventurism that has as its specific purpose the acquisition the resources of sovereign peoples, the pattern of killing perpetrators as an enemy means that society does not have the opportunity to LEARN the scope of the motivations of such persons.

This is, in my opinion, an example of 'chickens coming home to roost'. It is military action as FIRST RESORT policy, not last resort. That this is the pattern of a nation that places military backed economic predation (too big to fail banks included) as central premise needs to be discussed, unpacked, debated in Town and City Councils, amongst community organizations including local Chambers of Commerce and community service organizations including veterans organizations. And all of these need be discussing these matters with each other.

The mass media companies should be held to account for their failure to prioritize reporting IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST. For advertising revenue to be dictating the framing of media over the priority of broadcasting In The Public Interest is amoral, if not immoral, unethical, and ultimately a form of collusion in predatory practices on the part of corporate strategy "for market share".

Civilian review boards are essential components


Independent Lens (on PBS) made a documentary of that massacre, "Let The Fire Burn" that can be viewed here: http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/videos/coming-soon-to-independent-lens-let-the-fire-burn/ As you will see in the documentary, police brutality was unleashed with the help of the FBI. The neighborhood to this day has never been rebuilt in full contrary to the promises of the city leaders. Even in 1985, militarization was well on its way to converting police forces nationwide (especially in major urban areas) from "protect and serve" to "threaten, shoot, coverup, and deny wrong-doing in all cases" with the blessings of the court systems.


Correct. That's the thing. Since they can't or shouldn't turn the military on us they will militarize the police to do the same things the military does in other countries. I feel like the walls are closing in on us.


I fully agree. I've mentioned before that Jim Marrs' book Rise of the Fourth Reich lays it all out. Clinton is more than another candidate, she is the culmination of all their work.


Thanks for "going there" with this report, looking specifically at technological development as it dovetails with official repression. Killer robots, what could possibly go wrong?

i'm a kind of fool (of which i'm kind of proud :wink: )... but i've spent my entire life, since about age 11, astonished that almost no one stands "in opposition" to the accelerating development of technology by modern humans. It's always been obvious to me, that we're on an accelerating trajectory to either omnicide, or absolute loss of our humanity.

The key step demanded of humans to avert these two destinations, is to hit a technological "pause," to learn how to function non-violently as humans, toward each other and toward the living ecology, individually and in society, before going forward adding ever-more-deadly and sophisticated tools to state and corporate arsenals.

We must solve the basic problem of human violence - and solve it not through technology or totalitarian control, but through fearlessly assessing our evolutionary history and "human nature" and learning to practice non-violence.

Only then would it make sense to resume development of tools that - whatever their other possible beneficial uses - can (and are used to) kill or enforce control, ever more easily and effectively.

We are not just talking about police use of killer robots! That's one tiny facet of current accelerating development of technologies of death, and of social control. Heat weapons, microwave weapons, sonic weapons, biometric ID, etc., all knit together with network computer technology (now rapidly developing toward near-term roll-out of both artificial intelligence, as well as direct brain-to-network interface), surveillance and communication satellites, not to mention genetic technologies, nano-technologies, ever-more sophisticated and deliverable WMDs, etc.

We need a comprehensive halt to such technological developments... while we humbly work on our own capacities to understand and handle our humanness, our individual and social human existence, on this living planet.

We need to develop (or practice existing proven) social technologies - i do not mean cybernetic "social media" networks, but human-to-human social technologies - for how we raise children, how we educate humans, how we handle interpersonal and social conflict, how we handle violent or sick persons, how we share wealth and food and resources, how we organize society and economy to take care of people and ecology without extreme wealth and violence, etc.

Only then, should we resume our path of technological development.

But obviously we are not going there. We cannot even hold a discussion about the implications, and wisdom, of rapidly accelerating technological development, let alone think through what would be required for us to voluntarily turn aside from the path of ever-accelerating technological development that we have been on since language first emerged - especially since fossil fuels were first exploited, and even more especially since the telegraph launched the era of electrical and electronic communication.

But keep your eyes on this broad narrative of technological development, as the larger context for specific stories like this one.


This is bullshit. Clinton's mother was not Jewish. Provide a source, or stop spreading lies.


At what time are we going figure out the love is answer?


"this is an indication of something much deeper in the society, and that's the racism that permeates the police departments across the country."

Racism they declare while they steal the world. Fight among yourselves while the wealth gap grows and let us rape, pillage and plunder in peace. You wouldn't want to be accused of class warfare would you?


Not to mention the biological, electro magnetic and the biochemical, re: Presidential Commission on Bioethics


Regarding "in war there is killing with no questions asked",
War is basically the problem. We're gonna have to stop killing people in war, meaning stop war, for this civilian abuse to stop. For starters, soldiers trained to kill should not be put into public service of any kind without careful and lengthy rehabilitation.