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Arne Duncan’s Patently False Promise to Forgive Student Debts at For-Profit Schools


Arne Duncan’s Patently False Promise to Forgive Student Debts at For-Profit Schools

Glen Ford
“Enforcers for loan sharks don’t give debt holidays to the masses of victims.”


Incisive insights as usual, from Mr. Ford.

From the article:

“For-profit colleges, like charter public schools, are a capitalist’s dream: the public pays the cost, and private corporations make the profits. And the people’s dreams go up in smoke.”

I would add to the above statement:

“And the people’s dreams go up in smoke with the deliverance of an inferior education.”


Debt slavery equals progress? I think not. Arne Duncan is the poster boy for the duplicitous ghouls that are running American society into the ground via the meat grinder known as crushing debt. Let’s not let the previous administration off of the hook, as I vividly remember W cheerleading that all should attend college in his rah rah voice he learned at Yale. This occurred as “Phoenix” was arising. Watching from my then platform as a public university professor, I was neither amused nor hornswoggled. I hope that Senators Warren and Sanders weigh in on this issue of national security and self respect.


Dear Students (respectfully)

Did you hear that Dinner Bell from your imprisoning cell?

"claiming that the federal government is putting together a process that would forgive the loans of any student who can show that she had been defrauded by any college "

When the sacrifices made by your supporters only gets you to a soapbox where you have to do a song and dance to show how you have been scammed, do you realize that nothing really works? Or do you turn to your church?

What documentation did the Government collect to show that Everest colleges were not performing their mandated duties? Everest college folded for a reason. Because those who made the easiest money would no longer be making ENOUGH while still fighting the allegations made by a few students. That might have been a far simpler task that the ordinary student going up to the behemoth Department of Education to prove he or she has been scammed.

When the government has the proof of the Everest colleges, why not use that documentation as a foundation to establish what these private colleges do as being a scam or not? Why not create a framework that states Exactly where the failure of the system is? Why not refund the student’s tuition from the coffers of the Private Colleges themselves?

Because that would show that the department itself is a scam for the privileged.

Do you have your proof ready, Kid?
Doesn’t look like it - you are missing about fifty items.
Come back when you have those.


Like cigarette package warnings every ad for a college should have a statement about; the total cost of tuition for their complete program, including interest; the percentage who actually complete the whole program; the percentage of graduates who are employed in the field/trade they were trained for; and the average salary of graduates.

That would put most of the trade colleges out of business.


Glen, thanks for being a great ally to the student democracy movement.