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Arpaio Pardon May Be Opening Act of a Constitutional Crisis


Arpaio Pardon May Be Opening Act of a Constitutional Crisis

Charles Kaiser

Donald Trump's pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio marks the real beginning of the coming constitutional crisis in America.


Mr. Kaiser presumes there is a collective backbone among the Republicans in Congress.

I have yet to see any evidence of that.


Ironically, Trump’s base, in true fascist fashion, is interpreting the pardon of Arpaio as upholding the rule of law, not as undermining it and certainly not as a constitutional crisis. They’re fine with Arpaio’s use of concentration camps. They see Arpaio as the good guy for having rounded up all those rapist and murdering Mexicans and, not surprisingly, they blame Obama for Arpaio’s predicament. It’s sickening, but racism, hatred and bigotry are thriving in this segment of the population. They’re out there.

This is not lost on Republicans in Congress who have to deal with these Trump MAGA freaks back home. Bottom line: don’t expect Republicans in Congress to grow any backbones, soon.


Don’t expect Democrats in Congress to grow a pair, either.

Both of these parties have been destroying our Democracy for decades.


I guess swearing on a bible makes that presidential pledge “sacred” or whatever. What is even more heinous to me than the president pardoning this sheriff, is the whole of congress-how many people is that?-sit by without a creative way out of this mess. I don’t have a way out. I don’t know. But surely the way they twist the law to suit their needs, they can do something equally shifty now!


Agreed. More and more Americans, daily, become just like the Good Germans of yore. And they don’t even see that they are complicit in evil.

Scary, scary country that we live in.


But, maybe, if the Republicans start to think Trump is making them look bad, and that they may start losing elections because of him, then they will do something?


What’s wrong with equally valid points in the market place of ideas, right? I mean, calling out racists for being, you know, racist, is just more thought policing. Or so I’ve been told.


Does the author really think there is any possibility that Congressional Republicans “want to AVOID a constitutional crisis”

Despite their serial Brer Rabbit charades on this and other issues, a constitutional crisis that enables them to rewrite the constitution to accelerate a neofeudal police state is precisely what the GOP has yearned for and nobody has been as successful as Trump has in moving the ball forward for them.

“Pleeeeeze don’t throw me in the briar patch” - Brer Rabbit


At this late date my only hope now is that the energy in the streets can be turned into a non-violent revolution. However it may very well devolve into another bloody civil war. Mafia Don has one scary base. He has also surrounded himself and family with a private security force and mercenary forces. With Erik Prince consulting in the shadows, nothing good will come from the Orange Anus’ huddle.


Picture the face of a pig with a Trumpish orange toupee.
Pigs of the world unite! Remove your masks of human civility.
World War III is calling the heavily armed to aim and fire
and chant, “You’re fired.” Jobs jobs jobs, grave-digging jobs,
and jobs at massive crematoriums chanting, “You’re fired.”


" Both of these parties have been destroying our Democracy for decades."

I agree. The American people only have one party: and that is the Congressional, war party.


This is disgusting stuff in this article.

I detest the practices of people like Arpaio and was glad he was convicted of crimes. I vehemently oppose Trump pardoning him.

But what the author here is doing is nothing short of suggesting we have a coup pretending it’s a constitutional crisis because the president in exercising his constitutional authority did something we all politically oppose.


It is a political crisis. Impeaching a president for exercising his constitutional authority to pardon, no matter how much we detest who he pardons, is a coup and a lie that he has done high crimes and misdemeanors. Using Amendment 25 to remove him for ‘incapacity’ when the only incapacity is we disagree with how he exercises his constitutional authority to pardon is a coup.

What the freak is wrong with these people? They think the end justifies the means? They think that doing this won’t open the door to coup after coup like 3rd Century Rome with its Barracks Emperors? They don’t realize that they’d have a civil war if they do this?

I haven’t read the comments. I may be the only one here who finds this sicker than the sick president we have right now. So if so, attack me full force.


What about calling out as racists those who aren’t racist but are conservatives who support Trump, but assuming that all who support Trump must be racist so call them out and then ignore the facts on the ground. After all Trump is so horrid we can lie and cheat and manipulate however we damn please to remove him from office, right?

Who are the fascists?

Don’t forget one of the defining factors of the fascists in Germany and Italy was their desire to expand their nation’s wealth and power in wars of conquest. Who is doing that right now with America?

Don’t forget another defining factor of those fascists was the marriage of the corporations, the state, and the military into one entity. Who is doing that right now with America?

But all the easily manipulated in this nation seem to think the only fascists are the idiots who oppose the above but are racists, as if the only defining factor of fascism is racism. Well, if that is the case then the U.S. and the U.K. were fascist states when they opposed Hitler because they definitely were racist states.

Fascism is more than racism and the fascist who use identity politics to advance their control of the state are much worse than the idiot thugs who are racists.

I am disgusted as cultural liberals applaud the work of the fascists to extend their power. Since when did cultural liberals give up on using the political means available to change things and instead want a bunch of un-elected to get rid of elected officials? Well, I guess since they all cheered on CIA color revolutions doing that in Ukraine or trying to in Iran, it shouldn’t surprise me.

I better add that l strongly oppose Trump pardoning Arpaio or you’ll all act like I must support it.


Are you sure Trump didn’t do good to pardon a law enforcement officer who defied court orders and operated a tent city he referred to as a “concentration camp”? Only terrible cultural liberals wouldn’t see the importance of fighting fascism by pardoning an individual like that, right?


No attack, but one needn’t look further than the Emoluments Clause, Amendment 25 and of course treasonous behavior on the campaign trail. Mueller is hot on Mafia Don’s extended trail. Come on, Don is nuts and a disgrace to the office.
I’m also, frightened of civil war as opposed to non-violent revolution.


I said someone would do it and you did.

I do not defend Trump’s pardon. I attack the idea that you deal with political differences by pretending it was unconstitutional and therefore grounds for impeachment.


But people have not been calling for impeachment on that, especially in this article. This article is saying he should be impeached for exercising his constitutional power to pardon because he exercised that in a way we think is wrong. (It doesn’t matter that I agree it was wrong to do it.)


You said a lot in your comment to me that seemed to impute something I did not say. So I did do it. Why not?


trump only appeared to have a spine when amaxon delivered it,but he is so out of touch with reality that he just dug himself a deeper hole , the repulicans are hopefully going to get slaughtered in the next two elections based on both Trump & the ever famous claim the democrats have been blocking us ! We boys you have 8 long months eith no democratic majority in you way , your ideas are stale and stolen from Reaganomics they didnt work then they wont work now , you boys cantvrun a bath let alone a country. It time the real adults started doing something like offloading you for leadership and resolve , it’s time for the great American melting pot to get a fresh start.