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'Arrest and Detain Giuliani Right Now,' Say Critics, After Trump Lawyer Refuses Congressional Subpoena

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/15/arrest-and-detain-giuliani-right-now-say-critics-after-trump-lawyer-refuses


MORE PROOF that there are TWO systems of justice in the u.s.! Can you imagine one of US “Refusing” a subpoena?! Right…


Rudy contends he has documents that prove the Biden’s are guilty of something and that the ledger that details payments to Paul Manafort are fake.

So why wouldn’t he want to present them to Congress and the American people?

Second question: Does Rudy prefer the regular or gluten-free boxed mac n’ cheese at Club Fed?


The House has it’s own cops, under the Sergeant at Arms. They could bust Rudy if ordered/asked to do so.


Treat this mofo like Assange, Manning, cannabis users, innocent black motorists, and Anne Boleyn were treated.
Let the guillotines be sharpened and the hemp ropes twined tight.
Have the proceedings live on pay per view and reduce the national debt.


My understanding is that those cops can only arrest someone who is in the building. Can’t do it on the street
Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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As we have heard to great excess from trumpers;
“Lock him up!”

As William wrote so long ago, there should be, must be, accountability - if offenses by the poor and “average” people bring the full weight of law down on them, how can we possibly ignore or treat less, major offenses against the republic by those in whom we put our trust, only to be betrayed and our trust thrown into the muck of DC politics? Does their political influence confer immunity from well-deserved prosecution, or is it collusion and complicity??

There must be accountability, not the weak-kneed craven BS and jive crap like we saw from Obama saying we should “move forward” and not prosecute treasonous or capital crimes from those that knew better! Ignore crime once and it will not end! Lock his ass up!.

“If minor lapses caused by drunkenness are not to be tolerated, how will we punish capital crimes that result from much planning and forethought?”

“If little faults proceeding on distemper shall not be winked at, how shall we stretch our eye, when capital crimes, chewed, swallowed and digested appear before us?” William Shakespeare - Henry V


The arrogance of this Trump Scum is astounding. They think that they should be unaccountable for just about anything. That is true for the odious Moscow Mitch as well. He chooses Trumpo the Klown over the Constitution every time.


I think you are right. Even Ghouliani isn’t sturpi enough to show up there. And this ass is someone that Trumpo the Klown thinks is an excellent lawyer. Yet, he will not say that Rudy is still his personal lawyer. As usual Trump throws anybody under the bus to help save his fat ass. Can’t wait to see the future carnage of this most appalling of American administrations.

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Yep. Rudy would have to suddenly, uncharacteristically get a bold streak, and actually go the halls of Congress. Nuts.

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Sorry Ruddy, that story isn’t going anywhere. If I had any say you would be getting an arrest warrant tomorrow, and just try to refuse. Example, the raid on Manafort and Stone.


Anyone arrested for anything should use the White House Whore president. If they didn’t go, neither am I.
Trump’s harem is disgusting and corrupt.

Everyone in the country should refuse to file tax returns.
When you get the second notice, tell the IRS that if billionaires don’t need to pay taxes, the little guys don’t either.


He’ll just LOVE the rubber chicken with green mashed potatoes and dish water gravy too, S.T…


There are lots of nervous rats on the Good Ship Gangster. Rudy knows waaaaaay toooo much from back to prosecutors office in New York to all his NY Mayor deals to 9-11 to bribing Russians and Ukrainians. None of them want Rudy beneath the spot light because Rudy will sing like a choir. Eleven have already been convicted. Eleven. CIA Billy “give me your candy” Barr, CIA “I will bomb you” Pompeo, Mulvaney, Bolton and on and on. Who will get in the black van first. Will Sarah corndog Huckabee be dragged back from the hills of Missouri to testify with Jesus? I’m thinking a public impeachment hearing could be bigger than the Simpson trial. I want Trump impeached. I want him and all his administration jailed for the crimes they have committed against the citizens they are pledged to represent.Their actions are absolutely illegal. I want it on tv with lots of cops and press in a hot chamber with evil delusional men screaming at one another about law and order. Watching Tricky Dick implode was spectacular but we do not learn. We take bribes until we get caught. Book em Dano! peace.


I wonder why all of Trump’s appointees, lawyers, donors, and even families somehow think that working for Trump makes them above the law. Meanwhile, the career employees seem to realize the danger they are in and are willing to give him up. No problem though. Since Trump is not allowing refugees in the country any more, there are plenty of white tents scattered here on the Texas border to put them in.

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"“They’ll need to hold him in inherent contempt and jail him or the rest of their subpoenas become impotent.”

For Congress, or Law, to have any teeth, even the elite need to experience the inside of a cell when it is earned.

One law, for all of us!


“Everyone in the country should refuse to file tax returns.”
Good luck with that.

Will you be the first to try?

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I believe that’s Chelsea Manning’s situation right now. And she had a good reason to refuse to testify.


They think they’re unaccountable cuz’ they have been, thus far! Their arrogance & unlawful behavior stems from this knowledge that, other than some - “Oooohh” - tough talk & empty threats, NOTHING is done to punish that behavior!
This sh*t has to stop!! Now!!!

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