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Arrest of 14-Year-Old Student for Making a Clock: the Fruits of Sustained Fearmongering and Anti-Muslim Animus


Arrest of 14-Year-Old Student for Making a Clock: the Fruits of Sustained Fearmongering and Anti-Muslim Animus

Glenn Greenwald

There are sprawling industries and self-proclaimed career “terrorism experts” in the U.S.


As I mentioned on another thread, this is day in -day out typical for american schools nowdays. I would not jump to the conclusion that this had to be anti Muslim. A girl in my sons school was arrested for bringing a butter knife to school to spread something on her sandwich, she was 9. The problem is the "zero tolerance" policy that requires them to involve the police, in what in the past would have been a gentle reprimand from the teacher. It' s Orwellian and disturbing as hell.


I think it is both. Given all that is known about profiling Muslim people in this country, not sure why you are insisting here and on the other thread that it is possible no such profiling is at play. I highly doubt that is the case.


Because the evidence of how schools operate these days says so. Did you not read my posts on what happened in my own sons school? Multiply that by thousands of schools. My high school had an assistant principal for discipline. My daughters school had a police substation in the school. I'm not saying no profiling took place...im saying crap like this happens to kids all of the time....and school policies are to blame


Not sure why you are so insistent that profiling wasn't also at play here.

Your reply is as if I didn't even say "I think it is both", thus your chiding me for not having read or acknowledged your other posts is completely moot.


Never mind. I was simply pointing out that this idiotic over reaction was just part of a much larger problem, the other incidents rarely make the news. If you don't think so, that's fine by me.


This latest case of Islamophobia just proves one thing: sooooo many naive and ignorant Americans have been brainwashed with the latest, pseudo, terrorist, bogey man that one has to wonder why?

What is needed, is Islamophobia to be replaced by the real TERRORIST, bogeyman... namely, THE AMERIKAN WAR EMPIRE.


911: Nine-One-One, What's your emergency?

Yes, I was sitting in this here classroom and I noticed that there is what looks like a BOMB mounted on the wall.

911: What makes you think that it is a bomb?

Well, I always thought it was just a clock, but with all of the Muslim terrorists out there, I now must assume it is a bomb. After all, it goes click every minute and every so often, a bell sounds from it. Besides, I have an algebra test coming up and that is class with an Arabic name, so it must be a bomb.

911: Take cover. We will send a SWAT team right over.


There again you insinuate that I'm discrediting the valid points you make. How can I say it any more clearly.

I think it is BOTH.


So you seriously maintain that it is just a coincidence that the kid is Muslim?

This is the same kind of apologetic rhetoric we see all the time when it comes to racial injustice. Cops shoot a bunch of Black youth and a chorus of white voices tell us that cops shoot all kinds of people so it isn't racist.

Whenever someone complains about sexism and misogyny, a bunch of men leap at the opportunity to point out that men suffer abuse too, and so really sexism isn't the problem.

How far are we supposed to bend over backwards before we acknowledge the pervasive reality of systemic discrimination?? Muslims are a marginalized group. The white inhabitants of "Western" nations are becoming increasingly Islamophobic. Look at the reaction to the refugee crisis. Why do we have to argue every single instance of racial injustice away as "just another" instance of injustice?


Land of the frightened, home of the squishy invertebrate!


First of all, you can't spell. "My daughters school" should be "My daughter's school," and you did the same thing with your "own son's school."

Secondly, you are purposely attempting to play down the obviously racist/anti-Islam nature of this particular incident. As any GOOD attorney recognizes, if a PATTERN can be established (and the pattern of Anti-Muslim/Arab sentiment has been played up to a fever pitch by those interests intent upon keeping Middle East wars burning) that lends weight to any case for criminal behavior. When police act like criminals, and take aim at those being set up as modern-day scapegoats, it's important to accurately make note of the dynamic. The generic "all kids are targeted" argument is being put in play to purposely downplay the obvious campaign against Arabs and Muslims that's been ongoing since 911.


Thank you. Bligh sounds just like the other dingbats who try to say that the Criminal Justice system is not the very font of systemic racism.