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Arrest of Muslim Teen for Bringing Clock to School 'inevitable Byproduct of Culture of Fear'


Arrest of Muslim Teen for Bringing Clock to School 'inevitable Byproduct of Culture of Fear'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A Muslim teen with dreams of becoming an engineer brought a clock he made to his Texas high school on Monday.

Then this happened: the teen, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed, sporting a NASA t-shirt, was arrested, handcuffed, and suspended for three days. The American Civil Liberties Union says the arrest has sparked questions about racial profiling.

"They arrested me and told me I committed a crime of a hoax bomb—a fake bomb," the freshman at MacArthur High told News 8.


Yes the school and police overreacted. Yes, the police violated his rights during his interrogation. Yes, he deserves an apology and compensation. Yes, there was probably an element of profiling.

But I think the advice of his engineering teacher not to show the clock to other teachers was warranted:


It is getting out of control. This needs to be stopped. This is super-racial which is no wonder from the Texas redneck. The problem is our entire administation is supporting it in the name of terrorism, BS. What they expect that a brown colored kid would be selling drug or hanging out witha shotgun. What a bunch of moron.


Nevermind the cops. They have an excuse what with GEDs and room-temp IQs. I'm really worried about the faculty tho. They are supposed to encourage and educate the kids. That engineering teacher didn't wanna say it but he probably knew a lot of them are idiots.


Well, hell, this is what you get when schools are turned into "zero tolerance" gulags. A fifth grade girl in my own son's school was arrested last year for bringing a butter knife to lunch and spreading something on her sandwich. He informed me this past week that you can get suspended now if you play "tag" at recess- too violent and aggresive. Couple of years ago a boy was arrested for biting his toast in the lunchroom into the shape of a gun. Just saw on the news that some 12 year old boy was arrested and could be charged with assault for kissing a girl on a dare. You reap what you sow, im glad im not in school now.


I'm biased on this because I've worked with explosives a bit in the military, so this wouldn't have remotely alarmed me. But yeah, I think you're right. If a teacher had no idea what to look for, the paranoia of the times--especially in Texas--probably always leads to this outcome. It's definitely not fair, as you say. But it's not just random picking on the out-group, either.

He's a kid. His parents should have probably stepped in to explain that this country has some incredibly paranoid people in it, and schools aren't exactly the bastion of free thinking so many people think they are.

I wish him well, and hope everyone learns something and gets the kid back on track. As for the cops, they need to be smacked hard. No cop should have ever, ever mistken this for real ordinance. That's just professional negligence to the extreme right there.


Simple logic: bomb is to clock as gun is to iPhone.


What is a teacher to do?
This is NOT in the Common Core program.
And we can only teach to the test.
Therefore it is suspect.
In Texas, "Failure to signal" is a capital crime.
This should be a capital crime as well.


Your comment is complete bullshit. You have really bought into the paranoid anti-Arab USAn idiocy with your comment. It is filled with "Praise with faint Damns" (toward the fascist teachers) as "Obedient Servant" used to say.

I guess this is is not surprising since you have a history of coming here to accuse people of antisemitism unless their criticism of Israel is sufficiently watered-down with caveats.


Sure you want to clutch your heart and sing "land of the free and home of the brave"?


And on top of all the vile USAn hate and violence, the real icing on top is that the USAns are sooooo mind-boggling stupid, functionally illiterate, and ignorant, that they cannot even tell a south Asian Sikh from an Arab Muslim.

What a fucking country full of fucking IDIOTS!!!!!


Your reply to my comment is total bullshit. What in my comment do you disagree with?

As for accusing "people of antisemitism unless their criticism of Israel is sufficiently watered-down with caveats", the only times I've commented on antisemitism in posts is when it involved generalizations about Jews, not Israel.

Of course fans of HamBaconEggs may disagree.


What is so sad, enraging, and ultimately deeply depressing about this is that this kid was only showing the sort of show-and-tell (do they even do that in school anymore???) creative, inventive, interest in technology and science that used to be encouraged and applauded back when I was in school in the Camelot, through Nixon and Carter days.

But now all such stuff MUST be discouraged. Why? Becasue when you are creating, you are not BUYING SHIT, and you are not KISSING THE ASS OF YOUR CAPITALIST BOSS!


I probably should not have digressed there. My main point is that this outrageous action against this kid for trying to be creative deserves only absolute unconditional condemnation of all involved - both teachers and cops - no caveats. But you post for all practical purposes tried to justify the actions against this kid - your initial caveats being only so much "praising with faint damns" So I got angry, and typed what I did.


Well, I agree with you. This may be an anti Muslim thing, but I seriously doubt it. See my comment above. A couple of thousand kids a year are arrested at school for minor offenses, many are not offenses at all. Hyper sensitive "zero tolerance" policies that require the school to involve the police are the real problem.


I think the way the clock looks had a lot to do with the over-reaction. It doesn't justify the actions of the police or school but I can understand someone looking at it and thinking it might be a bomb. If I thought something looked like a bomb I wouldn't want to rely on the assurance of the person who built it, I'd want it examined by an expert.

But this is something the school could easily have cleared up by just talking to the Engineering teacher who'd already seen it and the actions that followed were just wrong.


Texas's institutional racism is a fine compliment to the Teanut whackadoodles drooling over the Donald.


You seem to be confessing ignorance of electronics and electrical engineering then? Are you even familiar with Ohm's Law? How in the world does this look like a bomb? Do bombs always require plugging into a 120 volt outlet? What would be the propose of a big LED display on a bomb? Where are the explosives? I only see a PC board, a transformer/power supply, and a big LED display.

I'm sorry, but this incident pushed two (and maybe three) big rage-inducing buttons of mine.

  1. Vile racist Islamophobia.

  2. Ignorance, illiteracy, fear and loathing of science, mathematics and technology.

  3. Possible anti-Aspie attitudes of stupid typical neurotypicals. The kid is probably an Aspie (like me) too.


I know how to flip the switches in the fuse box. :smile:

I also know how to code in a few obscure computer languages, I don't get angry when people don't understand programming.

Since you look at the photo with an educated eye you, like the student's engineering teacher, understand what you're looking at. To the uneducated eye, including mine, it looks kinda like it could be a bomb. I've no idea what's behind that big red thing on the briefcase lid.

So I don't automatically leap to the conclusion the overreaction was based on Islamophobia - although that may have been a part of it.

That doesn't justify the school's over-reaction, it just makes it a little more understandable. The police have no excuse at all.


i believe CZ has maintained a rigorously even-keel and fair-minded perspective in his/her addressing of antisemitism in these threads. To my mind, an exemplar of how to be forthright, fair, and respectful.

We've had some other issues between us...