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Arrest of Prominent Immigration Rights Activists Sparks Uproar, Protests in New York City


Arrest of Prominent Immigration Rights Activists Sparks Uproar, Protests in New York City

Jon Queally, staff writer

"A longtime New Yorker, a husband and a father, Ravi is beloved by all of us who have had the privilege of working with him to make New York a welcoming community for all of its residents. The fact that ICE has taken him as if his spirit, family ties and contributions to the community mean nothing is inhumane."


Once they arrest people like Ravi one has to wonder how bad it will get! Who is next? Many people that work in 7/11’s and low cost motels? Oh, wait! That is old news.


Absolutely, people convicted of felonies are what we need more of in this country!


It’s the ones who haven’t been convicted that are the bigger problem (Trump, both Clintons, Obama, both Bushes, Rumsfeld and Cheney, for example).


Exactly, we have enough home-grown felons. No need to import them!


The USA is now and completely the Fourth Reich as minitrue has stated for years now. Nazi Germany has nothing on the USA when it comes to descending into madness. It’s here folks. Or should I say That’s all folks. Game over. The citizens of the USA have enabled this all along for decades now by continuing to participate in an electoral system that was hijacked by the corporate oligarchs. It’s pretty much out of control and heading for the cliff and nothing will stop its monstrous destruction of its citizens and life itself. Maybe massive general strikes and boycotts, but even that is likely way too late. The oligarchs managed to keep the citizens in fear all this time as they consolidated power and control. To say nothing of those who keep cheering this madness on. Adios USA.
It will also take the rest of the world coming together to take the USA down. Just like during Nazi Germany. But this time around the USA has such an arsenal of weaponry that such a scenario will likely never happen.
The USA will collapse under its insanity but god knows what further destruction it will leave along the way. It will be horrible.


“Convicted” is not necessarily “guilty,” as we know from too many cases against effective activists based on (you should excuse the expression) trumped-up charges.

Those whom the economic god-like would destroy, they first frame as cop-killers.


He was convicted of financial fraud and agreed to pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars, in 2002, long before he became a “social activist”. He became a social activist when it came time to fight his deportation after he served his prison sentence.


There is really only one word for ICE: repulsive. Since most US citizens have no say in their government, this agency and many others act without regard for the opinions or sentiment of the people. We are expected to pay taxes, vote and do other “good” things but our opinions and thoughts really don’t seem to count with our government. I sincerely believe that ICE and other agencies like them including many of the other police agencies act outside the will of the vast majority of US citizens. We are controlled by an aggressive, reckless minority who will stop at nothing. And they definitely don’t care about things like democracies.


When will Trump be convicted of his financial frauds?


Well, that seems to be the kind of people we have in the top levels of our government. Are they the model?


If we truly knew even 1% of the evil that ICE has perpetrated, we would probably be sickened beyond our wildest imagination.


Who knows? But does one person’s crimes excuse another’s?