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Arrest of Undocumented Woman at Gynecologist Visit Sparks Outrage, Protest


Arrest of Undocumented Woman at Gynecologist Visit Sparks Outrage, Protest

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The arrest and possible deportation of undocumented woman Blanca Borrego from a Texas clinic where she was receiving gynecological treatment has sparked condemnation from her family, community, and observers nationwide—who say that such targeting deters people from accessing vital healthcare.

Borrego, who is originally from Mexico and has lived in the United States for 12 years, was attending an early September appointment at the Memorial Hermann's Northeast Women's Healthcare Clinic in Atascocita to receive care for a cyst that was causing her abdominal pain.


Well, the AMA fights against labeling GMOs, so they must love diseases. After all disease is good for AMA business.

Why should they also be racist? Fits the "hate ordinary people" profile. Keeps them consistent.


Pardon the personal note but i'm really old- like i was a teen during word war II- and where we live now is like no America i ever saw. so much hate- against women, against immigrants, against gynecology- all on display here in full force- and how about the clinic reporting her? yeah this is Texas but still,,,,


Welcome to Texas where Hispanics are targeted and too many of its residents are xenophobic racists (for the most part apparently). The clinic personnel who made the call should be ashamed that they have caused the Borrego family so much pain and suffering. Not only will Blanca go without the treatment she needs, she may have to endure incarceration at an overcrowded detention facility where she will be unavoidably assaulted by the "guards" and possibly be denied seeing her children and other family members who are also now living in fear. Her family has been rent asunder and the wounds will never heal.

So much for practicing compassion and loving-kindness, abiding by the Hippocratic Oath, or HIPA


This from the clinic's website: "...but the heart of our practice is caring and empathetic relationships based on two-way communication and trust." Just so much empty rhetoric...just balderdash.

Where were the "caring and the empathy" for Ms. Borrego?

I wish the Borrego family peace and comfort during this difficult time in their lives and I applaud all the advocacy groups working to right the horrible wrong against Blanca and her family. Bendita seas!


Note to self: "Don't use the fake driver license at the doctor's office". Might get arrested.


The clinic is one of those faux Texas "Women's" clinics the right wing promotes as a alternative to Planned Parenthood or any other women's clinics that provides, or used to provide, abortions. Could this incident occur in a PPH clinic? I seriously doubt it. Its obvious that these faux clinics are not interested in protecting a woman's privacy, instead they provide political cover and compliance for a continuing agenda that seeks to control women, even from issues beyond abortion.


Stories like this one come pretty close to making me feel ashamed of being a homo sapiens.

Please somebody point me to a happy story, for balance. Maybe one about Cuban doctors selflessly helping desperate people all over the world (even people stuck living in some ultra-conservative backwater state in the USA).


Is this another article where an illegal alien plays the victim after being caught breaking the law? To anyone defending this woman... wake up! If you had ever been the victim of identity theft (as I have been), then you wouldn't be dismissing this as anything other than a criminal being caught.

These people commit crimes as a way of life. They victimize countless people through forgery and identity theft. These people are not victims... they are perpetrators of crimes. And if you are okay with American citizens being victimized so that foreigners can "have a better life" by committing crimes... then YOU are the one with the ethics issues.


How many people has this woman victimized? How many identities has she stolen? Has she ruined American credit ratings? Has she given out false information for other things (leases, loans, traffic tickets) that someone was on the hook for?

The only thing that makes me ashamed is people like you who think Mexican criminals should be able to victimize American citizens...

And why do you feel this way? Because the criminal Mexican woman got arrested in front of her kids? Well bully for her... she got knocked up. And watching their criminal mother get thrown in jail for passing a fake ID may be the best lesson she ever taught them.


"Ms Borrego"... if that is her real name... is a liar and a criminal.

She stole American citizen's identity and used it for doctors visits and who knows what else (leases? credit cards? traffic tickets).

This clinic showed great caring... for the American citizens who were victimized by the actions of this woman.


it said fake license, not stolen. Y'all are sure proving my point about all the hate- also some of us say no human is illegal, so she is still a woman visiting a gyn clinic, turned in by the staff, and arrested in front of her children.
you guys are getting way too excited about this woman, and imagining other possible crimes and felonies she has not even committed- cool your jets- we will survive this episode.


Whoa...you extrapolated way too far...the driver's license was not valid and there was no mention of identity theft. Put your guns away as there is no need for them in this case. As for your compassion...won't waste my time.


How absolutely unfeeling can one get? Jump to conclusions much? Does being judgmental without knowing all the facts make you feel more superior? Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty?" Oh, that's right...that is reserved for white men of means.


Not funny...see no humor in your sarcasm.


You will appreciate this: "Houston is also home to the award-winning Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, which started as the city’s Baptist Sanitarium in 1907 and now consists of a dozen hospitals, senior living services, and home health care across the metro area. Seniors seeking Southern Baptist community and care have lots of options around the city." So, the Memorial Hermann Medical Group are affilitated with the Southern Baptist Church. In the words of Gomer Pyle (Southern accent and all) "Surprise, Surprise."


Well, plenty of college students get arrested for fake ids. They use them to get into bars before they are 21, a pretty stupid law BTW. I never see any huge hoopla about them They get release on their own recognizance most of the time and face whatever consequences there are.

Being an "undocumented immigrant" (or whatever the PC term is these days) might not help this lady tho. In case you didn't manage to click the provided links she was also carrying a fake SSN. Somebody, somewhere is probably fighting the IRS over some unpaid taxes.


How does having a fake SSN/card equate to identity theft? Maybe it was just stringing together 9 numbers ###-##-####. I stand firm in my assertion that Ms. Borrego and her family have been irreparably wounded with this. The clinic put out its own mea culpa, which can be read at: http://www.memorialhermann.org/news/memorial-hermann-statement-regarding-ms--blanca-borrego/ Take note of the last sentence:

"What happened to the patient is unfortunate. We also appreciate the sensitivity of this matter. As such, we consider this an opportunity to evaluate our processes."

Ya think?


Pretty easy. That might or might not be someone actual DL#/SSN. Either way, using fake id documents is not legal and is cause for arrest. Fake DL, most likely no car insurance either, i could continue but somehow i think you won't buy it anyway.


Having a forged license is probably a more serious offense than driving without a license in Texas, and I'll bet in most other states as well. Some illegals in the Northeast US do it too, some that I know. I doubt she used it for actual driving. The pigs - oh I'm sorry, a slip of the tongue - the police should never have been called. The admission and billing person or persons at the clinic should have pointed out that they believed the license was invalid, warned her against using it, and then continued her through her checkup. That would have been the decent thing to do. But one has to remember in what State this occurred. I have no way to know what race, ethnicity, or world view the people at the desk were or had, but their response to the matter was a nasty, bone-headed move, and probably grounded in knee jerk, inbred racism.

However the lady's civil rights lawyers and/or illegal immigrant advocates pursue this case, they are going to loose, because the woman was most likely cited for using a forged document. The marching the lady off in handcuffs is par for the course, as an unnecessary procedure and a total overreaction. Screw the Texas police, Texan politicians, and the overlords that run that wretched state.