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Arrested at Office Sit-In, Maine Clergy Demand Collins Reverse Vote on 'Immoral' GOP Tax Bill


Arrested at Office Sit-In, Maine Clergy Demand Collins Reverse Vote on 'Immoral' GOP Tax Bill

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A short stint in jail, said one demonstrator, is "a pretty minor inconvenience when compared to how this bill is going to devastate people's lives"


The bills would be bad enough if they were only Robin-Hood-in-reverse money grabs, but there’s a lot more—such as defining a fetus as a “person.”

Maine clergy is showing what real Christians believe in. The “singing for our lives” line is by the great Holly Near, FYI.


If they were ONLY Robin Hood grabs??? Defining a fetus as a person with full priveleges is beyond insane-what does that haveto do with taxes?


But once born you are expendable.


Just called and pointed out that her vote, along with the vote of every other senator and congressman has to be accountable to not only every citizen of their respective state but the whole nation and future generations. Therefore she must vote NO on any final bill.–and yeah, I don’t live in Maine but fortunate to live in a state where the senators and congressman voted NO.


Exactly- these A hats are like a cult!


…Let ‘it’ get a job!../s


‘Like’ a cult? The only thing missing is the friggin’ Kool-Aid!!


Good one- and let “it” grow food, drive, build a home, and take care of its family!


Yes, and did you see when Bernie was campaigning and spoke at Liberty University- the students could have cared less about any issue except rights of the unborn! Let the unborn pay taxes!


Collins and Snow played this wonderful game of sabotaging the ACA pretending that they would vote for it. She is part of a political party that supports child molesters and a party that uses hate and racism to stay in power for decades. WHEN WILL THE PEOPLE OF MAINE SAY NO TO COLLINS???