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Arrests in Minnesota After Water Protectors Chain Themselves Inside Pipe Section to Halt Line 3 Construction

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/14/arrests-minnesota-after-water-protectors-chain-themselves-inside-pipe-section-halt


I join with Indigenous peoples around the world in cutting off the head of the Black Snake! Even here, across the border in Sarnia, the usual suspects are screaming JOBS! because our Governor has the ovaries to tell Enbridge the game’s over, that Line 5 under the Straits of Mackinac, must be shut down. I need to make her a jingle skirt!
Enbridge’s track record is abysmal. So is Sarnia’s Chemical Valley. We’re not a cancer cluster for nothing; the prevailing winds carry the poison in the air across the border. And an Chippewa Reserve is just south of that mess, also having to deal with the poisons.
To the mayor of Sarnia, yes, there are a lot of jobs at stake, but people can do other things to live but the planet cannot. It will take the St Clair River centuries to heal, perhaps thousands of years from the forever-chemicals dumped into it.
No more! It ends now.Hoka Hay!


Here the thing with Enbridge and those god awful free trade deals.

There a reason they work 24/7 to get this pipeline built. If any Government decides to put a stop to it they can sue that Government under those Free trade deals and recoup their investment to date several times over. The people will have to pay Enbridge NOT to destroy the environment.

That’s Capitalism folks.


Unequivocally and in solidarity I support the actions and spirit of the water protectors – this is the true resistance! I condemn the ongoing retaliation and institutional violence perpetrated by federal, state, and local governments, and call out the profound depths of ignorance by corporations, governments, and their unwavering support for environmental pillage and devastation, even as our home is under siege.


Jingle Dress Dancers in the Modern World: Ojibwe People and Pandemics


The sound of these dresses are amazing and so are the women that participate in this tradition.

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just to point out --the scientific consensus is that we need to STOP using fossil fuels sooner than later–the problem lies in the continued DENIAL of science that is the policy of our corporate energy policies supported by the science denying politicians of both parties–which includes most if not all of the so called “leadership” of the parties and most of their members–

this makes them science denying criminal fools complicit in the worst crime ever committed in this world–a crime that makes the all the genocides ever committed, all combined, look like grade school picnics–they are supporting the 6th Great Extinction–now in progress on this planet–with the end result --ECOCIDE–that is— the end of life on this planet–the really pathetic part is that they do this for the money

if your politician takes a single dollar from these corporations they are genocidal fools working for their dollars from those corporations and NOT for us-not in the understanding of the science-not for the health and welfare of our world and the inhabitants thereon–just for a few corporate dollars—the solution–STOP voting for them