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'Arrogant, Intolerant, Dangerous': Survey Shows What the World Thinks of Trump


'Arrogant, Intolerant, Dangerous': Survey Shows What the World Thinks of Trump

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump's approval ratings in the United States have been described as "historically low," and according to a new global survey published by Pew Research Center, he is not faring much better overseas.


Well, all that Adelson $$$ spent for his newspaper in Israel, and on dark money ( Super Pacs R US ) contributions to Republican campaigns appears to be paying off, in Israel anyway. The Donald & Sheldon make quite a pair; international casino and hotel owning, union-busting, possibly playing the offshore " funny with the laundry money " games, associated with MENA gunsellers with ties to ( something Israel is very good at making and marketing-follow the money here at your peril;-) ) who knows, who. And, And, And,…: $$$…
$$$…And, And, And… :
Both loves them some Bennie the Net, and his constant shit-stirring, moving the goal posts policies, too. Another country, coincidentally, with a large military and no oil to speak of, aligned at the wallet with The House of Saud. Which will spend mega-billions on weapons from the U.S to further provoke Iran, help to completely destroy Syria, subjugate its neighbors’ sovereignty, close Al-Jazeera news services ( will Sheldon & Saudi allies open up a brand new one? ) and keep Iraq in a permanent, bombed out quagmire. Did someone mention Somalia, Libya and Afghanistan? Who to bomb next, or again, indeed.
No wonder a majority of the rest of the world thinks we’re now more untrustworthy, unreliable, and generally pretty bad neighbors. Especially so under Trump and his Republican Renegade Revolutionaries.
When they’re right, they’re right.


I was just thinking this morning about those terrible images from the state visit to an actual monarchy with virtually unlimited money — the “dancing” with the swords and the orb ceremony in particular. I wonder if the Saudis and company may have had some kind of game going on to see how foolish they could get him to appear. That undermined him at home and in the likes of Europe. And I don’t think they really like him much themselves. And notice, as soon as he got home, they pulled the rug out from under him in Qatar, leaving our troops there stranded.

The most telling number in the Pew survey, though, I think, is the one from Korea. No surprise to me, but someone in the administration needs to understand what family means to Koreans (most in the South can still name relatives who were in the North when communication was cut off) and that they’re too macho a culture to be happy to be treated like women who need to be protected from those kin, especially by clumsy cowboys (and polite as they are, that’s how they view us, especially those of us sent into their midst to show their male superiority).


Somehow people in other countries have a better understanding of what is going on in the US than large numbers of people living in red states. I guess the right wing echo chamber that has trapped people in a web of lies doesn’t reach across the entire world.


Hopefully Mafia Don will see this survey and have a stroke. Doubtful as he seems to only consume Breitbart and Fox propaganda.

Impeach the cabal. Pence first, then Mafia Don.


Except Russians and Israelis - they both like Trump more than Obama. Says a lot about the citizens of these countries eh?


I think it’s their governments that like Trump, not so much the citizens. I rarely blame citizens for their governments’ actions – face it, most citizens are powerless in the immediate present to do much to turn a government’s actions aside. We were helpless when Bush et all approved, ordered, and condoned the torture of Iraqis. All we could do was protest and march but not stop it.


Ya hit it outta the ball park, once again! thank you.


When will the Kruel Klown fold up his tent and walk off never to be heard from again? Our nation and the world have had our fill of his S - - T Show. His boorish bombast only works in Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Russia…go figure…look at those leaders and their primary interests: MONEY and power…too much is never enough. The quadrangle of quid pro quo…the more odious and vile their plans are, the better.


In the case of Russians, it may be a lot about what citizens manage to hear about djt. It was the people, after all, who were surveyed by Pew. Israelis, I’m afraid, may actually like him for his posturing and for falling back on Kushner; they may see him mostly as Kushner’s Sabbath goy, and of course like most goyim, left on his own he makes a fool of himself.


It is sad to say but the Israeli population has shifted quite far to the right wing. Democracy has been slowly eroded there by right wing governments and the same could happen here as that type of erosion in democracy is so slow it is hard to perceive. That is one reason why it so important to stand up for the free press in the US even if it is far from perfect. Russia has nationally controlled news and therefore it is not surprising that the Russians would have that opinion. It does not have a democratic tradition and it is hard for the Russians to get accurate information.


Yep, as any really ignorant, naive, gullible, and under educated dolt knows, America don’t need no stinking allies. We’ve never had a President so ignorantly incompetent and a recognized manically insecure proven serial liar. American’s let alone the world can’t trust a thing this congenital liar says. The Trump era’s only legacy will be it will be known as “America’s Dark Age” and they will name a mental illness after him.


[quote=“bkswrites, post:10, topic:42781”]
…and of course like most goyim, left on his own he makes a fool of himself.[/quote]

Was that remark a sarcastic parody of Jewish attitudes?


It was an interpretation of Kushner’s permanent smirk.


Also, a certain culture of gangster capitalism and criminality seems to permeate Russian culture since the fall of the Soviet Union. Trump is a star-gangster-capitalist - and therefore a hero to most Russians aside from a small dissident community.