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Arrogant Overreach


Arrogant Overreach

Cory Doctorow

Ajit Pai's plan to totally destroy net neutrality may doom him in court.

"And in any event, the court battle may last until 2020 and serve as a good argument to spur voters to vote against Trump and thus change the FCC leadership, mooting the whole point."


Pai deserves a “pie” in the face, wherever he makes a public appearance.


Republicans - all of them - are psychopathic anti-democratic monsters. The entire lot of this crew of Trump enablers and Ayd Rand worshippers has to go.


Excellent educative article - as always - by Doctorow.


You could say, that the DNC, the Democratic Party Establishment, and Hillary Clinton herself were all Trump enablers, taking into account their treatment of their best “chance at winning” candidate, Bernie Sanders.


Thank you, this article provides a good silver lining in this horrible dark cloud. Unfortunately like with what they are doing with Obamacare and the EPA, expect the Trump administration is sabotage Net Neutrality from within. If they can’t completely destroy it they will do everything in their power to make it a shell of its former self.


Don’t forget the media. They too were and still are Trump enablers. Why bother to do actual journalism where you can have unlimited material from whatever drivel is spilling out of the cheeto in chief’s mouth.


Writing to the FCC is an important first step, but it’s not quite personal enough. These people think they are untouchable. They need to feel the HEAT at a personal level. Thus, here’s their contact information. Have fun, and spread the word.


Of course, your first step is the GoFCCYourself.com link below, but then take an extra moment to email the individual leaders-- you know, to make it that much harder to ignore the will of We the People.

This is so very, very important.
Here is how you register your support for NET NEUTRALITY please share:

  1. Go to GoFCCYourself.com (The address is cute, and it bounces you directly to the FCC’s official page for this regulation.)
  2. Then click EXPRESS (at upper right side of page)
  3. Enter your name (Must hit enter for it to register) and all required info.
  4. Write: “I strongly support net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs,” plus any other message about freedom, access to information, and an informed populace as the basis of a strong democracy that you want to add.
    DO IT!!!


#BreakTheInternet today