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Arrogant Supreme Court Justices Trample the Law in Service of the Rich

Arrogant Supreme Court Justices Trample the Law in Service of the Rich

Jesse Jackson

We are witnessing an astounding attack on democracy by the five male right-wing majority of the Supreme Court — “black robed rulers,” Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan called them, “overruling citizens’ choices” in a series of 5-4 decisions.

These are right-wing lawless judges ignoring the laws and will of our elected representatives and trampling the dictates of legal precedent. Their arrogance seems to have no bounds. The damage that they have already done to our democracy is profound.


Right on, Rev. Jesse! Immorality will not stand!

I wrote Jesse a letter decades ago, he never bothered responding. Not even a rubber stamped signature form letter. Seem to remember Rainbow Coalition or something like that.

One problem we all face is supporting ‘justice’ when we like it and denigrating ‘justice’ when we don’t like the decision.
May i suggets that the problem runs much deeper and can’t be solved without addressing the undemocratic, state friendly power vested into appointed judges and an unaccountable legal system?
We need a new justice system. The one we have comes from the Roman imperial conquerors, then passed to the authoritarian European kings. From there, it was imported into authoritarian regimes which call themselves ‘democracies’. Imposed upon us, we have little power to challenge its state sanctioned ‘legality’.

In a revolution, the legal system, along with other state structures, must be shut down to allow democracy to arrive. We won’t solve our problems by allowing Roman legal systems and elite, minority power to dominate the majority public.
Observe carefully. Clearly identify targets that perpetrate authoritarianism. Firmly restrict targets from performing social control while democracy is birthed. Ensure democracy is protected from liars, corporate and elite rule permanently.
Birth the ideology and politics that guarantees an accountable, transparent social democracy free from militarism and monetary control.


And you thought Bush v Gore was a travesty. They were just getting started…Now we have an unelected body of troglodytes governing from their high perch. Great. We are looking like the EU more and more everyday but without the perks.


There is one thing we can do: get a new majority in the Senate. There’s one way to do this: vote in 2018. Otherwise, accept the lower courts are going to go Trump’s way too.

Politics here has always been about money

“Only if the pressure is constant will one or more of the Justices realize the dangers and errors of their course.”

Sorry but I very much doubt that will happen no matter how drastically the tides turn. What really needs to be done is for a Brand New Congress to live up to its constitutional mandate, state that
“Subverting the Will” of the People constitutes “High Crimes and Misdemeanors,” and conduct 5 (6?) impeachments in parallel.


The whole Repuglican mentality is freeloading. Give me something but make someone else pay for it.

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Please go back to your theocracy.

Ya, Where did that dude come from?!!
Did anyone see that nut coming?
Everyone can see that the one true flying spaghetti monster was pushing down on him mightily, with his noodley appendages!