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'Artful Smear' Attack Backfires as Clinton Accused of Denying Impact of Big Money

'Artful Smear' Attack Backfires as Clinton Accused of Denying Impact of Big Money

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Hillary Clinton is under fire for defending the millions of dollars she has collected from Wall Street and other monied interests, as critics charge that her rationalization of those contributions ignores the dangers of a pay-for-play political system and amounts to an acceptance—if not a "tacit embrace"—of the role of money in politics.


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Senator Clinton has a long history of that hand in the cookie-jar. This morning, Democracy Now, it was the private prison scam. Usual nonsense. The idea that there were too many Federal employees and too many people to lock up. Clearly we needed more prisons, but not more Federal guards. So, we open up the business for profit to the private sector. Of course we still hire people as guards but they don’t count because contractor employees are not Federal employees. They make far less money, have far less qualifications, and you can fire them if they get uppity. The fact that you are still hiring peoplesd tends to get lost in this web of cobwebs. And, certainly the private companies know the drill—send money to the politicians that gave you the money. Turns out that all Presidents get a very acceptable retirement package. They get two hundred grand (no tax)/year and a staff of people to help with the memoirs, etc. They get this for life. Good ex-Presidents, for instance President Carter, do much in retirement. But they do not swash around the slums of Wall Street picking up millions. All that remains is for the Senator to cough up a transcript of what she said. You can bet this will be very damaging.


The jig is up!


HRC has so much nefarious, political, baggage. that she looks to be going into panic mode and is sounding more and more like Bernie. HRC is definitely beginning to feel the burn.


I don’t hink any Democrat is happy with the present system in which corporations pour huge amounts of money into campaigns. But even Barack Obama, who raised record amounts of money from individuals, had to accept even more money from corporations to compete with Mitt Romney in the general election. Nobody can quantify the influence of big money on politicians. They are influenced by big money and the views of their constituents, and have their own views which play a big role in their decisions. We don’t have a direct democracy. We elect people who we believe will best represent us. Everyone should be working for campaign finance reform. The situation is growing worse, not getting better.


Hillary insults the intelligence of every voter when she claims that BIG money donations doesn’t influence the decisions of politicians in Washington. How stupid does she think the public really is??


You can bet the transcript of the Goldman Sachs speech will be very damaging. True, except we will probably never be shown HRC’s original speech…for national security reasons!


The old expression “you made your own bed now lie in it” applies here. HRC has a long legacy of corruption and of serving her own self interest over all others. She can not escape that history of corruption so lies lies and lies.


I can’t recall any ex president going on these high paying “speaking tours” of private corporations prior to the post Reagan era. I suppose Nixon and Ford may have made a few speeches, but nothing so blatant as the Clintons’ constant trips to the Wall Street well.

Harry and Bess Truman retired quietly to Missouri, where Harry lived as a private citizen in his old home. Ike did much the same. Even Lyndon Johnson went back to his ranch in Texas …


In the debate before the caucuses Clinton requested an example of when she changed a vote. Here’s one: the consumer bankruptcy protection legislation. Check out the BillMoyers.com flashback series of Elizabeth Warren telling a story about Hillary Clinton. Warren calls her out at the 3:35 minute mark, though everything before that is about how Hillary was all for it, until…


Sometimes I feel like the Clinton’s must think that anyone but them are complete morons. Hillary says there is not proof that she was influenced by the largess poured out to her from Wall Street and others. Well, there wouldn’t be, would there. It’s not like Goldman had her sign a contract saying " Goldman is paying me this money so I will vote as they want.".

The old days of passing the envelope under the table are over. Now, you can get paid outrageous fees for a canned 45 minute speech. Or have contributions to your foundation. Or Super Pac. Or luxury trips… ect ect.

Saying that money changes hands with no expectations is like saying the Godfather does you favors without expecting to call one in on you one day.


I remember that it was a semi-scandal when Reagan accepted one cool mil to speak in Japan, ah, the contributions of Ronnie never end.

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Millions of dollars??? HRC has collected BILLIONS of dollars in political contributions and “speaking” fees (bribes). Just because it goes into a non-profit foundation doesn’t make it any less a bribe.


It’s definitely fair to demand that the transcripts of Hillary’s speeches for money to wall street firms be made public. This should be something she would want to do right away, if in fact her campaign ideas and programs are inline with what she has said in these transcripts. If she is unwilling to make them public it is clear she is talking out whatever side of her mouth she thinks will get votes or fill her pocket. It appears she and Bill have turned out to be as bad as the politicians who leave office and enrich themselves as lobbyist using their connections from political positions.
It appears they have become the exact problem we need to change with a political revolution.


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As I have said the longer this woman stays in this race the more she will embarrass herself, her family and all her supporters. She is a disgrace to the real American people.


Wow, that sounded all centrist and stuff. Gosh thanks for your take on things.


Ronnie made out like a bandit with that ranch in Santa Barbara cowboying around on his pony. That man started the sale of our public assets to his billionaire buddies.


Two quick reports:

  1. In the three NH midnight voting towns that have already counted their ballots, it’s Bernie Sanders 17, Hillary Clinton 9.

  2. I’ve seen a report of “tremendous” turnout at one town, with new voters of all ages showing up at the polls.