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Article of Impeachment Introduced Against President Donald Trump


Article of Impeachment Introduced Against President Donald Trump

Jon Queally, staff writer

This is a developing story and may be updated...

An Article of Impeachment against President Donald Trump was officially introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday.


No mention about violation of the Emoluments Clause in the articles of impeachment. I wonder why?


It only takes one charge, and this is the one on which evidence has been presented publicly by the family themselves. More can be added as evidence surfaces.


What an awesome idea, impeach Trump and get President Pence, who is worse in every possible way.

And the bonus is that instead of addressing the rigged nomination and getting rid of the superdelegate system to make sure it doesn't happen again, the Dem elite can spend the next year grandstanding in front of the cameras about Trump and RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA, instead of focusing on universal healthcare #MedicareForAll and other legislation that would actually improve our lives.


Now, the uphill battle to convince 241 Repugnant members of the House that impeachment is the means to save our nation from this diabolical demagogue and his wholesale destructive intentions/actions that serve no purpose beyond handing over our country to corporations, billionaires, and other entities who care NOTHING about SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT, CARING FOR THE PEOPLE, or HAVING COMPASSION FOR THE HEALTH OF OUR PLANET AND ALL LIFE ON IT. Then on to the Senate that can convict DJT and hopefully, Pence. DJT will not resign given his penchant for down-and-dirty street fighting....

Sad thing is that the rot goes so far down the system that the only way to find the light at the end of the tunnel is to take over the House and Senate in 2018. (Pence is just as full of fleas as the dogs he lays with and will go down with the pack.) Here is the order of succession:

In Trump's administration, here's the full line of succession.

•Vice President Mike Pence.
•Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.
•Senate President Pro Tempore Orrin Hatch.
•Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.
•Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin.
•Secretary of Defense James Mattis.
•Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Come 2018, the obstinate, recalcitrant, and mean-spirited GOP members will have their comeuppance if the American people exercise their brains even a little bit and also feel compassion for their fellow man and care about all life....then voting/ousting these angry old rich white me from their cushy offices.


Hatch is at least mostly honorable. But I'm afraid Ryan is planning on ascending.


Internal party organizational matters and matters of the US Congress have nothing to do with each other. I always fine this confusion of political parties with branches of government to be odd. If you want to change the Democratic Party organization and have a say in candidate selection, join it and get involved locally, then nationally. that is how the British Left is reclaiming the Labour Party.

Pence's positions on almost everything is vile of course, but he is at least sane and a politician who knows what consensus and compromise are.

Job No. 1 is changing the makeup of the US Congress. But the impeachment process can run either parallel or sequential to that.


I believe Satan is planning on Ryan 'descending'.


Agree, with a couple of "howevers":

– Unfortunately, in recent years, the conflation of party and governmental politics is entirely real in the US. Ryan thinks he lives in a parliamentary system, not one with separation of powers.

– Pence is far from sane. Go back to his Easter trip to Korea. He was there to be raptured when djt's chaos pushed God to push Kim to push the armageddon button. Note how quiet he's been since. The apocalyptic Right doesn't know what to do now, but I don't think Pence believes enough to push the button himself, especially now that he's been disappointed once.


the sharks smell blood in the water .... too bad there is no one interested in the welfare of the 99% ...


trump deserves it, but the thought of pence makes me sick.


The alt-right will not like this. It is a little scary to think what the alt-right would do if there were impeachment hearings. They have everything riding on Trump.


Trey. damned Gowdy. is fed up and saying everybody has to come clean.


How did Foghorn leghorn ever get elected anyway?


Hel-lllloooo President Pence!!!


So, now the fun begins: (not making any apologies here; but, this certainly is a strange "coincidence" -- lots of photos - enjoy :upside_down_face:)

BREAKING: Russian lawyer pictured with Obama’s Ambassador to Russia after meeting Trump Jr. -- July 12, 2017 -- Alex Christoforou -- TheDuran

Why was Natalia Veselnitskaya sitting with Obama officials just days after her meeting with Donald Trump Jr.

Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya told NBC News that she was not with the Kremlin as was initially reported by the propaganda liberal left news outlet The New York Times.

The question now arises…was Natalia Veselnitskaya actually working with the Obama Administration, with ties to former US Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul?

Which then leads to the question…was this just one big set up operation, to hold this against Donald Trump Jr., should the unthinkable outcome occur and his father win the US Presidency?

...According to The Gateway Pundit, the man sitting next to Natalia Veselnitskaya looks like Emin Agalarov.


Clinton foundation was taking $$$ from Ru$$ia while Hillary was SOS. Pure pay for play. Yet not a word from MSM.


Trump may not be so dumb after all. He knows that if we impeach him we get Pence, our version of the Taliban, and the whole GOP disaster.


Talk to his constituents. I'd like to take the whole bunch of 'em to the woodshed.


Ugh, I'm not really in a position to do that. Just wondering if there is more to what I see on televised accounts. Thanks.