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Article on Sanders’ Complaints About Journalism Demonstrates Why Sanders Complains About Journalism


Article on Sanders’ Complaints About Journalism Demonstrates Why Sanders Complains About Journalism

Jim Naureckas

If the New York Times really were what the New York Times pretends to be, when it or its industry was criticized, it would bend over backwards to make sure it was being fair to the critics. That’s the true test of “objectivity,” isn’t it—how you act when it’s your own ox being gored?

Instead, the Times typically reacts to criticism the way a cat typically reacts to being given a bath.


Bernie's campaign is exposing quite a lot of empire's components. Let's hope the people are waking up from the nightmare in which they are bound. It's neither the dream they need nor want.


Well, I might be able to shed a little light on the media's attitude towards the public. Years ago I worked at an investment bank, part of the year in Manhattan. Yeah, I worked on Wall Street..sorry. A co worker that I was friends with came from a wealthy local family and invited me to a few of those Upper East Side parties that I would have never been invited to otherwise..and a lot of elite media people came to those same parties.

Virtually all of those folks thought of themselves as "Progressives" and all seemed to have the same idea about what the news business was all about. As far as I could tell, it was not reporting the news. It was about shaping public opinion, or as I had told to me several times, "Telling people what to think". They used phrases like "the masses" or "the great unwashed" to describe people like us. The only time they had a chance to see a regular person was in the 20 ft between the doorman and their waiting car. They lived in an echo chamber, where all their friends were just like them...same ideas..same wealth. Conservatives journalists too, not nearly as many..but they were the same.

They thought that the fact that I had grown up on a ranch out West.."quaint". Ha. The entire bunch cannot relate to the problems of regular people because they are never around them..a very insular existence to say the least.


As Mr. Sanders sees it, the profit-hungry billionaire owners of news media companies serve up lowest-common-denominator coverage, purposefully avoid the income-inequality issues he prioritizes and mute alternative voices as they take over more and more outlets."

This is exactly right. Go Bernie, Go!


Why only now? What about 2003, when the Iraq war drum beat symphony what conducted by NYT?


ABC radio news today talked about the Florida Primary and had a snippet from Rubio after acknowledging that polls favored Trump, and they had a sound bite of a Hillary campaign speech in S.C. where she was advising Obama to nominate a real progressive to the Supreme Court. No mention of Bernie, what else is new. I'm tired of hearing that Clinton is the presumptive nominee. We have no media, we have no justice and we have no democracy.


I had a Communications professor who was fond of saying that "The mass media is not concerned with telling people what to think, as long as they are able to tell people what to think about."


Good call!


I guess it's a fine line!


Skippystone: you got that right...Remember Sen Paul Wellstone? He was removed from the scene - shall we say - I honestly believe that. He was a true progressive. I don't think we ever got a straight answer from the corporate media what caused the plane crash...The story sort of just disappeared...strange, no?


One might argue that credibility has been jettisoned since the Grey Lady sat on the Downing Street memo for a year so as not to 'impact' W's 2004 re-election campaign. Come to think of it, a few years earlier we had Judith Miller ...


Really? Folks didn't know that before Sanders? Coulda fooled me ...


No kidding, and we handcuff third party candidates to chairs without a peep from our D/R candidates -

Talk about "no mention of Bernie" on ABC - how about no mention of Stein anywhere - I mean if prog media really were what prog media pretends to be - it would bend over backwards to make sure it was being fair to the critics - but hey we don't even get mentioned let alone treated "fairly"...


Yup - in an election, don't care what you think as long as it is only about D/Rs ...


The NYT has embarrassed itself once more. After he announced his candidacy they've written dismissive and mocking "news" stories about him. They've slowly begun to take him a little more seriously, but most articles about him are written through the prism of Clinton's campaign.. any story about Sanders invariably is written as "What does Hillary's people think about this."


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