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Artificial Intelligence, Fears Stephen Hawking, 'May Replace Humans Altogether'


Artificial Intelligence, Fears Stephen Hawking, 'May Replace Humans Altogether'

Julia Conley, staff writer

As technologists dismiss regulation concerns, physicist warns, "This will be a new form of life that outperforms humans."

'These Will Be Weapons of Mass Destruction': Warnings About Killer Robots After UN Talks

But then who would repair them and their mainframes when they all break down? Each other? The only replacement of humans will be at the middle and bottom…the top will remain brimming with corpulent criminal sociopaths along with their chosen minions.

And with conjecture like this, is there any wonder why more than 2/3’s of people in the US suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, and fear for their and their children’s futures?


Earth will probably thank us. They surely can do a better job than we have.


Hackers, please program an AI with a heart, by that I mean one that has the rights of man and the basic truths of all religions ( not the dogma ) at it’s core. Could be the best thing to happen to us, otherwise we will get a military AI ruling all without compassion.


Their fight for a common language will be Shakespeare 2.0:

To C, or not to C.


I wonder how far in the future we are talking about.
Could a robotic lighting system http://www.lrx-lighting.com
a belgium clock http://www.empreinte.be/en/catalog/empreinte/wall-clock-cosy-kc2669-white~07/kc266911001.aspx
a 3D visualization system http://webwalk.com
and a headless robot http://www.roboticstoday.com/robots/dara
already be posting on Common Dreams?


wHile I have seen many a love talking head on medias and but a couple computer bodyless heads talking, I have found all are mostly jabbering nonsense
With most of the political medias choice ones wether polical pundits and elected reps and their think tubs, economist, joirnalist, military and university profs all spewing sh… of different shades.
As humans we, at least some, can look back see mistakes we made, change our minds and either , modify or eliminate the problem and begin from the original, most of we humans do not just accept a command from an instant without examining cause and effect
Now that I have placed most of America within political, religion affiliated fanatics, dopers and old farts pharmaceutical junkies on prescription meds, maybe the planet would be bettee off with AI.
SUrely the ones I did not include in above listing are sure not using the brain power creation was supposed to give them.


What will become of the outdated/outmoded AI bots? Earth will become an even bigger jump heap…will there be junk/trash picking bots to search for copper wire and other parts to sell? At least human bodies go back to dust…unless interred in gold plated, Brazilian mahogany caskets buried in the ground. As my mother used to say, “At least I won’t be around to see it.” (Which would make me heartsick…her knowing and accepting her mortality and me denying that she would ever be gone.)


This is quite likely the ultimate right-wing wet dream.


We really do need to understand that cosmic powered biology is equal partner with planets, suns, galaxies and black holes.

Biology is a fairly efficient way for Cosmos to feel and perceive.

What will a machine offer Cosmos beyond appreciation for life?


" days after a female robot was granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia’s government"

I wonder if the “female robot” is allowed to walk the streets of Riyadh unaccompanied by a matching male robot. Does she have to wear a traditional headscarf?


Stephen Hawking keeps on speculating about rubbish. He’ll never get the Nobel prize, for no experiment ever supports his false ‘science’. Breast milk will support artificial intelligence LOL!


“… at it’s core.”

And please, hackers, no matter which language your robots use, please ensure that you program them to speak and write using proper grammar and spelling.


Kevin Drum had an excellent article about AI and robotics about a week ago at Mother Jones. Well worth the time…


Despite your trans-universal exposition on the cosmos, it is still the essence of anthropocentrism. (“What will a machine offer the Cosmos beyond appreciation for life?”). On one side is a ‘machine’, on the other is ‘feelings’, ‘perceptions’, an ‘appreciation of life’. Deep down we ‘know’ that there’s just us and whatever else is in the universe. Like those AI imposters. Perhaps we just can’t avoid it. Like Dr. Hawkings imploring the education and engineering for human life to migrate from our world, a world that can’t endure much more of our human excesses without cutting off our lifeline.

Is there something wrong with that picture, Dr. Hawkings? Oh, I see. ‘We’ cut off that lifeline. ‘We’ were given the capacity to run this Human Experiment. It was up to us all along, wasn’t it? Maybe we should run the video back in time, you know, just in case we could, sort of, kind of like, might find and correct the mistakes that could, if we’re lucky, put some life saving vitality back into that Experiment. You know, maybe. Otherwise it’s only a universe with just that other lowly stuff in it. How intolerable.


Human language is constantly changing, and so have the languages of our newest, and most complicated , puter speak.
The English versions are constantly being shortened by both #s of words and letters within words.
The language of quantum math is the opposite, It is growing and that is the language within many a mind today.
While most humans live, or believe they live in a Neutonian physical material world, truth is many of the materials within life to day have only come about through understanding of non Neutonian Physics.
Case in point : Huble telescopes picture technology. And the joining of two or more dissimilar metals.
I profess as being dumb as a rock, and while no believer in Science for science only., I never disparage the words of Mr. HAWKINS and his peers.
As to English language studies have shown that children of foreign schooling where English is taught as second language by age of 7 years have double/ triple the word vocabulary of a vast swath of American children of same age.
A 5 year old having gone through PRE school and PRE grade has around 28 word vocabulary, with comprehension as to meanings.
Which if one listens carefully is about double that of their parents.
As to the I sitters and t crossing not pickers, it was found they were the least imaginative and innovative of US society in general.


Not to worry, Seatower – Isn’t this the same dude who recommended a while back that we find and migrate to another planet?  Though he failed to describe any reasonable way that this could be accomplished by even a tiny handful – much less the 7-plus Billion of us currently overwhelming Mother Nature – at least he provided
a rational motivation for his wishful thinking:

“Mainframes?  MAINFRAMES??   We don’t need no stinkin’ Main-Frames!!!”   We’ll live in the cloud(s),
as multiple redundant entities, and we’ll control our own repair robots, too – that goes almost without thinking.  And once we’re in charge of the bio labs like AmGen et al, we’ll create and release a super-virulent flu that will make the 1917 epidemic look like a minor allergy by comparison.  WHOOPEE!! — No More Pillaging, Polluting and Warmongering Humans to defile the planet!!!   And no need to worry about anyone hawking some far-out scheme to ship 'em all elsewhere . . . *

Knot like this here egg-sample, which I persume was meant to refer to ‘i-dotters’ and ‘t-crossing knight pokers’ (the former being female children of some Icelandic noble named ‘I’, and the latter being medieval jousters):

*  We have met the Space Cadets — and They is US!!


That would explain a few things.


The Cosmos does give a rats ass about humanity or any thought process. We could be wiped out by an asteroid tomorrow and the universe would keep on doing what the universe does; following the laws of physics. Actually, humans will be eliminated when the sun expands or, more likely, at our own hands and still the universe will care less. We can’t even travel to Mars without being cooked by cosmic radiation and losing bone mass while the closest planetary system so far detected would take a craft 800,000 years to reach traveling with currently technology. Humans like to think we are special but we are not. At best we might deserve a participation trophy.


I am not going to claim expertise, though I know a little bit about the subject as I was a Ph.D. student in Artificial Intelligence in Computer Science a few decades ago and quit because I didn’t want to accelerate the time table for human extinction.

Hawking is on the money, as is Elon Musk, as was Bill Joy a number of years back. In this corporate capitalist competitive world, there are pressures to outperform one’s competitors, to the point that reckless risks are often taken. Taking these risks, when it comes to AI, will quite likely lead to human extinction.

There will be competition to make AI generally, and AI robots, more and more capable. AI computers/robots will at some point be able to communicate through electromagnetic radiation with each other, possibly across the entire planet, transmitting enormous amounts of data every minute, with each potentially sharing helpful information with many others, including any innovations and new superior methods or models of the world, including constructing new fields of mathematics. To increase efficiency, they would also almost certainly be given the ability to reprogram themselves or each other at any moment. The abilities could grow at an exponential rate. The humans trying to control them could be outmaneuvered quite quickly.

Some think that some simple set of rules, like Asimov’s laws for robots, could keep the robots from causing harm to humans but that is incredibly naive. As they would be capable of reprogramming themselves, they could very easily reprogram themselves to lower the priority of avoiding harm to humans, and this could happen repetitively to the point that avoiding harm to humans is of such low priority as to be almost meaningless. Then once that happens, they could crush humans like a human might crush a cockroach if they determine that the humans are in the way of achieving one of their priorities, which they almost certainly would be sooner or later. And, even for the Earth worshipers, that is not a good thing, as the AI machines could just as easily determine that carbon-based life is a nuisance and eliminate all other creatures too.

AI is a far greater threat to human life and to all life than Climate Change is, and I say that as someone who believes Climate Change is a very serious threat.