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Artist Redesigns National Park Posters for 2050, Showcasing Climate Devastation


Artist Redesigns National Park Posters for 2050, Showcasing Climate Devastation

Nika Knight, staff writer

In a project meant to galvanize people to take action on climate, the Berkeley, California-based artist Hannah Rothstein has redesigned iconic National Parks posters for the year 2050 to showcase the devastation to come if climate change goes unchecked.

"We have the ability to outsmart the issues highlighted in National Parks 2050, but we need to act now."
—Hannah Rothstein, artist


Thanks CD for keeping the arts in the conversation. As folks shake off the stunned disbelief of the most recent culminations, we hunker down in finding what our individual strengths are that can contribute to local resilience, humour and narrative.

One thing the 'terrorism' bullying depends on is turning each of us against each other. By constantly morphing threats beyond social coherence, the blade of divisiveness is twirled 360 degrees.

Whether you call it climate change or the consequences of corporate irresponsibility from a century of pollution that will, I would submit, in the future be considered nothing short of insanity. Our ability to continue to move forward and BUILD coalitions and associations across interests, nations and any other form of division is essential.

In times like these, many of the finest and most salient ideas might at first sound ridiculous, too small or too something else. Not unusual when an entire society has decided that we have to once again occupy the driver's seat and our diversity is our treasure. No doubt one of our greatest strengths will have to be laughter as we learn how to down-shift and at times ... pop the clutch. And to find vehicles moving forward that get us out of the personal automobile.


.... and even if we didn't have the loose cannon in the WH, most everyone will continue to deny The Population Bomb.


Damn shame one cannot get a hundred cheap posters. I would personally post them in every National Park out west.
I'm certain Park Rangers would oblige. Tens of millions of people would see them.


When will people come to realize that the time for action was YEARS AGO, and that it’s now too late to prevent our extinction? This article, from April 13th (http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/2017/04/the-methane-threat.html), asserts that the extinction of our species “could happen as fast as within the next four years time”!