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Artists Place Bust of Edward Snowden Atop War Memorial Statue in Brooklyn


Artists Place Bust of Edward Snowden Atop War Memorial Statue in Brooklyn

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Paying tribute to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, activist artists in Brooklyn early Monday surreptitiously installed a bust of his likeness to a war memorial.


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It’s only Free Speech when it’s officially approved.


Your post belongs flushed down a toilet.


About as stupid as you appear to be, apparently.


That’s an interesting theory you have, that the government trolls trot out from time to time: That we can’t trust Snowden since the US government would never be so reckless with our private information that they would loose it or just leave it lying around where anyone could carry it overseas. But we see this every day with large corporations being hacked, losing credit card information (e.g., Home Depot), so why isn’t it possible with Uncle Sam’s contractors that he doesn’t supervise worth a chit? Some other things in your post don’t make sense to me either.

Snowden did’t go to “Red China”. He went to the semi-autonomous territory of Hong Kong, a much free-er place than the United States. A former British Colony, you can get a license for doing business the same day you apply for it. You can protest in the street for months holding up traffic and the goonsquad won’t interfere right away like they did at Occupy Wall Street in NYC. I’ve been going there for decades, and while not as free as it was before 1997, it still beats California, which has become a huge penal colony. A higher percentage of Americans are behind bars in the US than in Hong Kong. My guess is that NSA had no idea what files Snowden possessed and they were afraid someone else was going to release an “insurance file” should they move on him. That was the case with Julian Assange of Wikileaks for years.

The NSA/CIA had offices in Hong Kong and probably had a close watch going on Snowden. Spies have a code among themselves: They don’t kill or arrest other spies. Sounds bizarre, but without that professional courtesy, no spying would ever get done. It’s also possible people in the NSA/CIA who agree with Snowden, let him get away. Did that ever occur to you? I have a partial list on my website of ex-spies who divulged details about secret spying programs targeting US citizens, programs they objected to, and they are still alive, and most are out of prison. Examples are William Binney, Thomas Drake, Russell Tice, and John Kiriakou.

So it’s not that hard to believe that the government phucked up and let Snowden board an airplane for free Hong Kong, is it? Hong Kong is about free movement and free trade. Hong Kong let him go to Russia.

Most of Snowden’s information was embarrassing to the government. Why would the government go to all this elaborate drama if they wanted to strike fear in the hearts of their citizens? I think the MSM finally covered a real story out of fear that they were being violated also.


Park officials in Brooklyn are UN American.


Thank you Ed Snowden. As long as we people of a free Earth are still endowed with our [5] human rights and Constitutional Freedoms of:

"[W]orship, speech, press, assembly and petition [that all] suffer when we’re at war. Security trumps freedom. Even Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus. But 9/11 was 15 years ago… ", a quote from Rev. Billy Talon of “The Church of Stop Shopping”, upon winning his court case in New York City this past week.

A very possible imprisoning system looks to be scheduled, it seems, to lock us all in a perpetual surveillance state of being. Considering the fasttrack of the TPP about to be shoved down our collective throats (and NAFTA already in place) - along with the perpetual war machine and its successful militarization of our local police, YOU, SIR, ROCK! AND THANK YOU FROM MY HEART OF HEARTS!

You Edward Snowden: You WILL be remembered as a human being to emulate!


MSM covers Snowden because he is a story too big to ignore and the dynamic of Putin harboring him…the same Putin that would have zero tolerance of anybody leaking Russia’s secrets.


Hopefully the bust is cast from a pattern that they can use to continue to produce busts that show up throughout Amerika.


They just came off Ellis Island and are still petitioning for their citizenship. They sure don’t want to “upset the boat” and risk deportation.


Years before Snowden came along, my dad who was in the military told me that the gov was spying on all our electronic communications. I tried telling other people but no one would believe me. NO ONE! Tree hugging hippies would respond to me saying “that’s impossible, the computer they’d need to do that is too big.” Thank goodness for Snowden. The files he released obviously convinced someone that the gov is/was spying on us without a warrant. Yet, I still don’t see conservatives who complain about intrusive government step up to seriously do anything about it. God forbid a conservative ever cooperate with a progressive to actually get something important and necessary done, I suppose. Stupid politics…


that would be awesome. hope the folks that pulled this off read your comment.


You’ve made a plausible case but isn’t this along the line of what’s said of people like Chomsky?

I do have doubts about Chomsky because of his tendency to lump ALL American presidents under the same label - that they’re all warlike, corporate hirelings, etc. I can agree that many American leaders had little choice but to follow the power behind the throne, but that some, perhaps due to the effect of being in the Oval office, did attempt to serve the country. Among these leaders were FDR, Kennedy, and even Carter.


huh? they made Snowden into a hero? When? I missed that.


My reaction exactly.


Utter nonsense.

“It’s also possible people in the NSA/CIA who agree with Snowden, let him get away.”

Yeah, and it’s also possible that the tooth fairy exists, huh?


I would have been surprised if it hadn’t been removed…


what I was thinking…