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As 176 House Members Back Article of Impeachment, Watchdog Says 'Future of American Democracy Is on the Line'

From the article’s close:

The FBI and other agencies are continuing their examination of the circumstances of the insurrection, including allegations that Pentagon officials loyal to Trump blocked the deployment of national guard troops for three hours after officials in Washington called for help.

“We couldn’t actually cross over the border into DC without the OK and that was quite some time [coming],” the Republican governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, told CNN.

“Eventually I got a call from Brian McCarthy, the secretary of the army, asking if we could come into the city, but we had already been mobilising, we already had our police, we already had our guard mobilised, and we were just waiting for that call.”

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Well now they have everyone short of grandma’s knitting club out rounding up the “terrorists”. Fortunately the the “terrorists” provided a lot of selfies to aid in their apprehensions. Additionally, they will have to be tried in federal court.

“The future of america’s “democracy””

The biggest threat to “democracy” is the american guvmint.

It is not too often that a sometime denizen of this board can post this: I am proud of my Congressman, Ted Lieu.


Contrary to popular belief, he’s not the only good representative. I applaud him as well.

Unfortunately that’s not going to happen with the number of fascists in the Senate

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This is

ON • THE • LINE !!