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As 18th Year of War in Afghanistan Begins, Sen. Warren Says: 'Long Past Time to Bring Our Troops Home'


As 18th Year of War in Afghanistan Begins, Sen. Warren Says: 'Long Past Time to Bring Our Troops Home'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After the U.S. War in Afghanistan passed the 17-year mark this week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) turned to Twitter on Wednesday with an assertion popular among advocates for peace: "It's long past time to reexamine why we're in Afghanistan, and whether keeping our troops there is making us any safer. It's long past time to bring our troops home."


No Elizabeth, we went to Afghanistan for purely economic reasons and the fact that you are so naive makes me ashamed of you. Al-Qaeda is just a fairy tale to justify American hubris and hegemony to support the war profiteering, economic elite.

Let me reword your sophomoric statement that " no amount of American military power will bring to an end."
The last thing the war profiteers want is to bring the war in Afghanistan to an end! Why is that so difficult for you to understand?


Agree with everything except that Warren is naive. She knows very well that it was for the reasons you stated and it appears that she is supporting the original decision of 18 years ago.


Hmmm…now why did that invasion occur. Oh yes, that. That. That. That. That.

Never mind.


I thought America went to Afghanistan all these years ago,because Russia was there, and America wanted to defeat Russia by warring in someone else’s land.
Russia fell apart soon after that-------------and since we had this giant war industry, we had to keep bombing and shooting and poisoning land and water and using depleted uranium------
and really -----no one can win there.
Sometimes I think Nemesis is real and she hangs out in Afghanistan to remind people that wars don’t win anything except death--------besides Afghanistan is said to be the , “graveyard of Empires.” It was for Alexander the Great and apparently Russia-------and I don’t think Nemesis will let America get away here. either.


The plea is hollow and will fall on deaf ears. The evil warmongering won’t be restricted, quite the opposite as the reality is that it’s kicking into a higher gear. The American peoples wants are ignored by both parties.


I’d say it is long past time we recognize that these are not “our” troops at all.
There is no draft. These are mercenaries and hired killers in the employ of the 1%, even if many of them do not realize this.


To paraphrase John Kerry:

How do you ask a man or woman to be the last man or woman to die in Afghanistan? How do you ask a man or woman to be the last man or woman to die for a mistake?


Is the war industry keeping America afloat?


We went to war for different reasons.

A score of mainly Saudi terrorists attacked our money center and our Pentagon, with a threat of attacking our Congress too. The first reason for Congress going to war was for them to not appear weak when the next election day rolled around. Problem: Saudi Arabia’s government was our ally, the world’s chief supplier of crude to British Petroleum and to Royal Dutch Shell. Solution: don’t attack Saudi Arabia, go to war against somebody else entirely. Afghanistan was terribly weak and completely uncooperative. Saddam Hussein as a U.S. ally was just uncooperative and he had a lot of oil too.

The second reason for going to war was military profits and grey money campaign kickbacks.

And so we went to war to bring democracy to these people. We installed drug kingpins as their democratic leaders because, just as in Vietnam, drug kingpins are the only people in these countries who will accept large amounts of U.S. money. Curiously, our buying these people their democracy brought millions of gunshot wound deaths and millions of opiate addictions.

Now the USA is $21 trillion in national debt. We can’t afford the war any more with disposable money, sorry. As it is, we’ll have to cut social security in half by robbing grandma’s purse. Or, we’ll have to tax billionaires. Grandma can’t fight back as hard.


Wars are not fought to win. They are fought to conquer, to rob, to pillage, to molest, to control, to occupy. To destroy.


It appears this war was fought for profits and macho status. Nothing more, nothing less. For the MIC, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.


John Kerry should explain the mistakes he deliberately made by voting for the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria & Libya while saying the Vietnam War should never have happened. The Vietnam WAr should never have happened. Neither should the other wars I mentioned.


No. It’s undermining who we are and what we believe in. And destroying our society and our ability to take care of ourselves. In the meantime, it’s contributing to the ever greater concentration of wealth at the top.


Yes, he should.


Seems to me capitalism is being held up by the military sector worldwide.


I’d put it another way. The military sector is a parasite on capitalism, sucking the life out of our collective well-being.


“It’s long past time to reexamine why we’re in Afghanistan”

O-I-L!!! Liz…OIL!!!


I think nineteen50 may be closer, a little anyway. Military empires like the the US is now saddled by have sucked their national wealth dry 100%.

No nation has ever survived the voracious appetite of military empire and pentagonians are the biggest spenders of all time.


Thanks for your central comment. i logged in to ask: Is there a politician in the USA who will just say, “This war has been bullshit from the start”?