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As 18th Year of War in Afghanistan Begins, Sen. Warren Says: 'Long Past Time to Bring Our Troops Home'


I’ve watched the Young Turks. I agree with what Cenk Uygur says about the Republicans & Israel but disagree with him about supporting Obama’s bombing of Libya. Afghanistan may not have oil but it has poppy seeds. There are poppy seeds all over the ME, S Asia & many other places. Not every place has the exact same resources.


star – Think of how many saw this over and over again on their TV’s and still believe it.
Never let anyone tell you that right wing propaganda doesn’t work.


Wow a really, bold, progressive position on U.S. interventionism. And it only took 18 years! -snark-
But lest anyone accuse her of being soft, she voted a year ago to increase defense spending to $700 billion; with a significant chunk of it targeted for the Middle East…yep, including Afghanistan. And of course, maintains strong-pro-Israel and anti-Iran positions, in line with the official neoliberal agenda.

Liz may be just fine when it comes to banking oversight and a few other tidbits of domestic policy (though it must be noted that the latter will always suffer as long as so much of the budget goes for war-making). But I find myself suppressing an outburst every time someone puts her up as some kind of progressive.

Let’s be clear. If one is going to champion democratic ideals, these must be applied universally… not selectively; for all things are related. If and when Warren ever wakes up to a deeper comprehension of this, my opinion of her will be much improved.


Yes I agree, and thanks for your kind reply.