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As 2020 Democrats Cozy Up to Wall Street Donors, Warren and Sanders Refuse to Play Big-Money Game

As 2020 Democrats Cozy Up to Wall Street Donors, Warren and Sanders Refuse to Play Big-Money Game

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While characterizing their campaigns as "grassroots" operations fueled by the people, many 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls have reportedly been spending a significant chunk of their time on the trail cozying up to Wall Street executives and raking in checks at big-dollar events across the nation.


Hopefully American voters will start really paying attention to this one, very important type of political corruption, and will begin using it as a litmus test: if you court or accept Big Money, you won’t get my vote.


Sanders/Warren 2020. Sending my nickels and dimes their way.


War on couch cushions!


In the era of Inverted Totalitarianism (check Wolin’s premises), the advertising/marketing methods of ‘taking polls’ is almost solely subject to the goals, processes, procedures and methodologies of predation for corporate controls. As such, the “traditional” propaganda is no longer a sales method. IT IS A FORM OF POLL TAX


Good for Sanders and Warren, my two front runners.

Not surprising that the candidates at the so-called center are the ones accepting the Wall Street money. Center = corporate controlled, not moderate.


Getting money out of politics is not the same as getting the money out of politics.


Big Banks, Big Hedge Funds, Big Oil, Big Ag Chemicals and Big PHARMA … The Dope of Big Neoliberal Democrats.

To get rid of the former, you will also have to be rid of the latter.


Sanders email sez:
"One of our opponents held JUST TWO fundraising events and walked away with $1.4 MILLION. "That’s … corrupting money."

Actually, that’s an investment. Gotta spend money to make money.


Please include Tulsi Gabbard in the headline, as unlike Warren who cozied up to big-money last year for her reelection to the Senate (the hosts at her fundraisers there, Ed Rendell and a Center City lawyer known for their union-busting work, also were at the Comcast exec’s fundraiser for Biden in April) and has emphatically said she’ll play the big-money game for the General election, Tulsi has actually sworn off corporate/PAC money and is running on small-dollar donations. It’s a shame to see the Tulsi blackout continue here.

Also, Mike Gravel.


Where are Gabbard and Gavel in this article???


Well of course my first impression is that a Sanders/Warren ticket would be the best we can come up with. However, we should entertain the possibility that Warren, as a Dem, could lead the ticket, and Sanders would be in the administration. This would unite the people again and absolutely crush the fascists once and for all.

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Except that Trump has already made minced meat out of Warren.


Nothing changes, Why? The duopoly keeps pitting 2 evils against one another and we keep voting for the lesser evil.


Remember, the Dims are wedded to the Plutocracy just like the Repugs. There is a longtime established money railroad they can ride, win or lose, and I fear that both sock puppets would rather have the fat one for another four years with the accustomed money rolling in than have an actual government "of the People, by the People and for the People" established again. The Oilagarchy spends millions every election cycle convincing the people that the only parties that count are the two sock puppets. Support for candidates who want to actually represent We the People is to be considered as a wasted vote. Sadly, far too many people seem to buy into that premise.
*I hope that many people will sound a wake up call. Perhaps we can get our Constitutional Republic back again, with actual checks and balances used again to keep Big Money out of the government other than as tax payers, to pay their fair share of an honest government, of, by and for, We the People.
*The alternative is to buy your popcorn and enjoy the endless Kabuki that is our current “government” fantasy.


Then what. You don’t like your boat so you get rid of it in the middle of the lake?

Gotta play with the deck we have, not the one we WISH we had.

Vote now and change your vote as often as you like until polls close;


It’s free. No ads. No emails except one, to verify you are you.

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I keep hearing from commenters here that “the dems” are in bed with big money, energy, and banking.
A little proof should be given as some democrats are not in that camp… Many got there on their own dime and don’t need loose money.
This is like unwarranted defamation of character.
Please distinguish, it’s not fair for honest politicians, whether it be one or a hundred.

I already support Tulsi, What is Gavel up to?