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As 2020 Democrats Steer Clear, Progressive Groups Urge Pelosi and Schumer to #SkipAIPAC


As 2020 Democrats Steer Clear, Progressive Groups Urge Pelosi and Schumer to #SkipAIPAC

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A diverse coalition of progressive advocacy groups representing Jewish and Muslim Americans is pressuring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and other top Democrats to cancel planned speeches at AIPAC's annual conference as a growing number of the party's presidential candidates are vowing to skip the event.



If both do attend, and my money’s on them attending, their first words would best serve humanity if they acknowledged the Palestinian State’s right to exist.

Even money that this never happens.



Yea, it aint going to happen, BUT, if they got up in front of that group and clearly stated Palestine’s right to exist, they’d both go up a few ticks on my respect-o-meter



They can’t even acknowledge the Palestinian people’s right to exist.



Sen. Bob Menendez is from New Jersey, btw. Which exit is unknown, but it’s near a bank.
FYI- He’s the Democratic version of Sen. Rubio.
Sen. Booker is being described already, in the words of The Beto, as Sen. " Burnt Toast " from Wall St. He’s already over done.
Sen. Booker reponded when asked about The Beto, " He’s what they call in Texas a tall glass of water. If you concentrate you can see right through him. "



If Syria falls, does Palestine get crushed? Another war crime in the making.



As I’ve written for over a decade:

“The last people in the world who should want to stay in (or ever promote) a world of tribalism, are the Muslims and Jews ---- based on how they have been abused by various nationalist and other modern “-ism” Empires.

Fighter pilots have a saying that, “speed is life”. But, for all the rest of us, “inclusiveness is life” — and tribalism is death by the oldest lie of empire.

Racism is another deadly old lie of empire, as is aggressively fundamentalist religion.

Nationalism is a somewhat newer lie of empire, proving particularly deadly in the 20th century.

While, economic ideology is the newest, and current, lie of empire (which is causing our economic and environmental collapse).

But all the lies and deceptions of “empire-thinking” lead ineluctably to the very same grave — so choose your empire poison, stupidly. Or choose your inclusiveness, wisely.”

Full column:




They have no right to be in a political party that shares 95 to 97% of the citizens votes each and every election.

They have lost their humanity.



Thanks Alan, for the research you’ve done on this and for sharing your article.



I’m surprised at the number of black speakers at this event. Have they all forgotten what apartheid means? Could they imagine Nelson Mandela as a speaker at this event? And what the hell is the City of Austin Fire Chief doing speaking at an AIPAC event? Quite the rogues gallery of speakers at this thing beyond just the politicians. We all know what happens when light is shown on a room full of Kochroaches. http://www.policyconference.org/gallery/speakers2019.asp

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Nelson Mandela got blacklisted by the Zionist lobby for equating Palestinian treatment with that of native South Africans. Apartheid is apartheid. Bishop Desmond Tutu has blacklisted for the same reason

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AIPAC: Why do we confuse Netanyahu with the Jewish population? For the same reason the globe confuses us with our retard, Trump. The media tells us to. Not a peep about what the Netanyahu goons did to the the Palestinian kids throwing fire crackers, not a peep from our media about what the Israeli thugs did to a sixteen year old student returning home. As long as we continue to allow the credit carding of the Holocaust we will be stuck in the myth that the politicians represent the Jewish community. They are thugs and represent none of the Jewish community that I know and love. They are also diminishing the legitimate memory of what the Jewish people have suffered

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Pelosi, Schumer, Menendez, Booker & other so-called Progressives are really Regressives. They support Israeli Apartheid, war mongering & endless needless aid to Israel. Since WWII ended, the USA has been giving Israel a never ending Marshall Plan.