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As 2020 Ends, It’s Time for News Outlets to Declare a "Climate Emergency"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/16/2020-ends-its-time-news-outlets-declare-climate-emergency


It’s Time for News Outlets to Declare a “Climate Emergency”

I agree, but probably won’t happen until it is too late! Just imagine if the news outlets reported 24/7 about climate emergencies like they do Covid-19!


Excellent article - thanks to Mark Hertsgaard for this.

Another step in the right direction - they add up, these seemingly small steps.

It’s how you climb a mountain.

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Didn’t Biden say he wanted to come up with a vaccine that would cure Climate Change?

We need to flood the news with facts about Human Caused Climate Change. However, fossil fuels money, $$$$, own the news media and our elected officials; in fact, fossil fuels money owns the economy of the US and the officials of many other countries. Fossil fuels are the go to drug on every street corner in the country. Until we kick the habit there is no hope for life on Earth. We should all read/re-read “Limits to Growth”. Find it and read it!

$$$$$; it’s about the money, stupid. The word stupid does not refer to you. It refers to a long ago paraphrased quote.

Most media have been prominently displaying current data on COVID infections and deaths. I wish we had a similar way to keep a spotlight on the urgency of reducing CO2 emissions. Maybe something like the percent of the “carbon budget” for staying below 1.5 degrees of warming that has been used up in the past month (or week, or whatever). This should be something where authoritative, frequently updated data are available.

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The first thing the U.S. would do if it really meant it when it declared a “climate emergency” would be to take all the billions currently squandered on the DoD and spend it instead on getting to 100% renewable electricity ASAP.

Fat chance.

Absolutely spot on…I’m going to share this widely, as I’ve recently made a spiritual pledge to renounce silence when it comes to violence done to the earth I love. Too many wink at ecocide, because they think their wealth depends on continuing to do damage. It will be the death of all of us if we let our silence help it to continue.

On that note…a wonderful new movie from the Canadian National Film Board BOREALIS… a gorgeous study of the boreal forest…and how climate change is going to kill much of what it does for the earth. A must watch.

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If the concern is about wording, besides “climate emergency”, there is “climate crisis”, “climate disruption”, “climate catastrophe”, & my favorite, “climate chaos”. If you want to focus on the heat aspect, “global heating”, “global burning” & “global scorching” will do.

To the left, Emmanuel Goldstein will be gone 1/20. They need a different focus to continue whipping up mass hysteria.
So - bring back… uh… what was it? Greenhouse gases, atmospheric heating, global warming, climate change, rate of climate change. Just call it something else

Yes, absolutely…
This is one way the human-race has proved itself to be truly insane: firstly, the notion (or the blindness) that we could just put sh*t into the atmosphere (from the ‘Industrial Revolution’ as it’s called. onwards)- without it having any repercussions! Just on a simple common-sense level, never mind the more sophisticated science that has followed, it is surely a no-brainer…
Then, now that anyone with half a mind (plus), who is aware of what the science has been saying, that they can sweep it under the carpet! As if that makes it go away! If people are anxious about this Coronavirus, how can they also not be, and at a much deeper level, about this!? Anxiety and panic and alarm would be a good sign, showing that people are alive and awake - in touch with reality, as I think Greta Thunberg is saying…
And alongside our so-called (political-leaders, only very few are acting with any responsibility!), the media have been guilty of this, just being able to ‘forget’ about it!
In the end, it is just being human ~ having a mind that can accept reality critically (the science as you say, is not a lie, but is oh-so-true,- and they will not be exaggerating it!) And then having, moreover, a heart-soul that responds, from its love of this life and nature, etc. to say ‘No! We Have to do everything we can to stop this!
It is also insane that the average person in the world is not clearly-aware of how (a) awful. and dire a situation we are in; but (b) how we can still do something about it!! That is the responsibility of the media as much as it is politicos!
We just need to ensure that the good science gets to the people in plain and direct ways; and offer support and debates so people can express their outrage, and then look for practical solutions and force it on their governments!. This is exactly what many children want - the ones who are gonna be living with the consequences of all this!
And we need some brave human beings in politics, more of them to also facilitate this and help mobilise action!

Yes it is time for news outlets to declare a climate emergency. It’s also time for them to spend a little more time educating people about simple, fair, and effective solutions, like Carbon Fee and Dividend (citizensclimatelobby dot org/basics-carbon-fee-dividend) that economists overwhelmingly prefer because of its cost-efficiency and fairness (clcouncil dot org/economists-statement).

This one step will reduce US GHG emissions by 40% in twelve years and push a meaningful carbon price around the world. More will be needed, but this is our best first step.