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As 2020 Race Heats Up Ahead of Primaries and Caususes, Sanders Surrogate Argues Biden 'Has Repeatedly Betrayed Black Voters'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/12/2020-race-heats-ahead-primaries-and-caususes-sanders-surrogate-argues-biden-has


Trying to determine the agenda/ questions for Tuesday.

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This was an excellent call to write that op-ed, no matter whose idea it was, Nina’s or staff. Those blacks in S. Carolina DEFINITELY need a wake-up call!


I’ve been tuning out some of these histrionics, because in my life they always seem to get squozed into the same triumph of mediocrity in the end. But what the heck? I’m actually looking forward with bated breath to Iowa, which looks custom-made for my man Bernie at this point. After that, with New Hampshire a cinch for Bernie, it will likely be all kinds of fun to watch the nationwide anti-Bernie panic. It’s already fun!

Forget about ByeDone, who signalled his exit, in advance, months ago. Pack the clown car with Bloomberg and Steyer, BootyJudge and Klobuchar. Surely there’s still plenty of room for more. (C’mon, Lizzie, catch up! Maybe if you zag left again – after prematurely zigging right.)


Black voters are not dumb. They don’t support Biden on his policy positions, just on “electability.”

They will peel off from biden if Uncle Joe has middling performances in Iowa and New Hampshire.
They’ll abandon him in droves if Bernie wins Nevada.
A Biden flame out leaves a gaping hole in the “electability” question that only Bernie can fill.

Iowa is verging on “must win” for Sanders.


Bernie has an office and staff in Dubuque and several other Iowa cities. Local volunteers will be joined by volunteers from Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota for the two weekends before the caucus on Monday, February 3.

Bernie looks strong as he gains momentum. Caucus rules require a candidate to have 15% of attendees of the precinct, so that eliminates all but probably 3 candidates. Our job is to pick up those stragglers. I wish I had a lasso.

Our temp is 25 degrees today. We all need to feel the Bern around here.


Everyone has field offices.

Not everyone has committed voters and the possibility to flood the caucus sites with first time voters.
Bernie just might.

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Hell, when it comes down to it, Biden has repeatedly betrayed ALL voters
Joe Biden Is a Fraud, Plain and Simple

Let’s be blunt: As a supposed friend of American workers, Joe Biden is a phony. And now that he’s running for president, Biden’s huge task is to hide his phoniness.

Part of Biden’s pathetic record of betrayals.

  • 1981 - attacked and failed to protect Anita Hill - a racist failure on many levels
  • 1984 - wrote the Crime Bill that victimized so many poor and people of color
  • 1995 - wrote the Omnibus Counter-Terrorism Act that became the Patriot Act threatening our freedoms in many ways.
  • 1996 - Voted against gay marriage equality and civil rights
  • 1999 - Voted to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act leading to the economic meltdown and victimization-of and theft from millions - except banker parasites who were “bailed-out”!…
  • 2001 - Voted for the Patriot Act and all its treasonous, neo-fascist consequences.
  • 2002 - voted for the iraq war and all its deadly, costly consequences!
  • 2005 - voted against requiring credit card companies to provide more effective warnings to consumers
  • 2005 - Voted to end bankruptcy protections for students enabling more usury by loan industry parasites.

Biden just has no filter for his idiot mouth. As more of what Biden says and does gets out his candidacy will be as dead as Kelsey’s cahones.
The latest “working across the aisle” with R’Con’s and racists, pledge to Wall Street that “nothing will change” under a Biden admn, his behavior/comments toward female voters and kids, his refusal to fight for serious Climate Change actions now , silence on many critical issues and much more. All that coupled with his record of neo-liberal, corporate-friendly votes, and as VP make Biden the definition of NOT the one…except for big-money status quo!

Joe Biden Has Called for Social Security Cuts 3 Times


Nice work, Nina. Nail head, meet the hammer.


Excerpt: ‘America simply cannot afford another Trump victory at the polls, or another four years of rapacious right-wing government.To prevent this nightmare, we must convince anxious voters that Sanders can and will throttle Trump in a general election.’


Agree, and look at who he is friends with in the repug senate as well. He is always talking about working across the isle with the repugs. Corporate Dem all the way through.


Nice MS. Turner, please think about sending this op-ed to all southern newspapers.

Slightly off topic, the vid below talks about what’s going on politically in the state of FL. The dems in the state came up with a genius solution for the bill based by repugs in the state to limit the effect of 1.4 million felons getting their right to vote back. I don’t agree with the vid, that IA. is not that important with only 6 electoral votes, compared to Florida’s 29, but he still makes a good point. I do agree that at least Bernie needs to campaign there, or a representative for him needs to.
In case you haven’t seen this channel (Ring of Fire), it comes out of Pensacola, FL., it’s mostly about court cases, and has been around a long time. The host, Farron Cousins personally knows Rep. Matt Gaetz, and despises him.



ANd lets not forget that ‘the Senator from Master Card’ wants to find the ‘middle ground’ between the status quo profits of his donors and Planetary Ecological Collapse.


Actually, Tom Steyer has some very good ideas, particularly about changing the constitution so we can have national referendums ( you know, actual democracy)
What is happening to Steyer (and to a lesser extent, Bloomberg) is that they, along with Yang, are finding out that Trump may just have poisoned the well for any rich guy running for POTUS for the foreseeable future.
Sure Steyer is a rich wack a doodle, but he does make a lot of sense. That said however, he doesn’t stand a chance and should throw his money and his time behind Sanders, and hopefully, Sanders young energetic (liberal) running mate.


Isn’t it amazing the difference between one old man and another? At times (and those times are happening more and more often) Biden looks like he doesn’t know where he is, or what he’s talking about, while Sanders is as vibrant as any 50 to 60 year old, and sometimes more so.

That being said, any illness, any injury can cause any older person to begin to slip into what is best described as senility (just look at our current POTUS for proof). That’s why, before I fully commit to a Sanders candidacy, I want to see him name a much younger, even more liberal, running mate, if for no other reason, an insurance policy, as Bernie’s age is ultimately going to be the main line of attack by any opponent in the coming election cycle.


Too bad some people vote only on the electability of a candidate and not what is in their heart or conscience. Why else did a lot of people vote for corrupt Hillary. I guess because she was “electable”. I hate that term.


How does a candidate whose policies are a the same as the opposition become electable in the first place?

“Thank God Joe will do everything a Republican would do, so now I can vote for him and I don’t have to vote for a Republican” sounds like a pretty stupid reason to call someone “electable.”


I agree! I think Tom Steyer has some pretty good ideas, and if people could just look at his policies and not be prejudiced by his wealth, they might really go for him. And regarding Bloomberg, I just read that he would vote for Bernie if he was the nominee. Which I thought was pretty amazing.

This whole potential Biden/Buttigieg/Klobachar/Bloomberg debacle still emanates from the myth that the Clintons, through their Third Way organization, pushed on the democratic electorate after Clintons victory in 1992. The myth was that they appealed to republican “moderates” that crossed over and voted for Clinton placing him in the White House.
Clinton won because Ross Perot stole at least 12-15% of the Republican vote (getting almost 19% overall) thus handing Clinton a victory with only about 42% of the popular vote. And then he won in ‘96 because the GOP just gave up and ran the hapless, helpless Bob Dole.
It will come down to this once again in November. If the dems ignore their base, and the youth vote, and run to the right (again) they will lose (again)


Yeah, I just read that about Bloomberg today.
It’s by far the most liberal thing he has ever proposed.