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As 21 States Report Surge in Covid-19 and Flu Season Looms, Nursing Homes Implore Congress for Urgent Relief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/28/21-states-report-surge-covid-19-and-flu-season-looms-nursing-homes-implore-congress


I’m sorry to say it but this has always been part of the GOP plan to kill off enough of the old, and sickly population just because they can.

This, is exactly what Abuse of Power looks like when the Electoral College and the hardcore conservative side of the country’s electorate, give the GOP the presidency and the majority in the Senate.

Murder, thievery, and unchecked abuse of any and all power available to them.

God, I wish this was the old West and I was a “Hangin’ Judge.”

Our priorities are suspect. Why aren’t nursing homes and the USPS fully funded by tax dollars. But no, we need a bloated military and in addition a Space Force. Bring the troops home and stop inventing new weapons of mass destruction.