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As $25,000 Unmet Promise to Family Exposed, Trump Told to "Stop. Please, Just Stop.'


As $25,000 Unmet Promise to Family Exposed, Trump Told to "Stop. Please, Just Stop.'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Already under fire for showing "disrespect" to family of fallen soldier, president urged to "at least pretend to know what empathy is."


At what point do you reach overload, and can no longer get surprised about anything - no matter how shocking - that this excuse for a human being does? I reached it awhile back. I am still disgusted, but each new revelation simply deepens my ongoing, existing disgust, it does not suddenly disgust me. The question is, when will the 38% of the country that worships this man finally get to the same point?


Sorry, the ginger chimp is just not equipped to feel or even understand empathy - the suffering or struggles of others or our Mother Earth’s natural systems that make life on Earth possible. His entire life experience has been how to take advantage and use others, an astonishingly narrow construct - to treat and use all else and others as expendable and targets for his shallow and obscene greed and self-interest - to be bought and sold. His life has been mental illness, a malignant nature, an abomination - the only truth that’s worse is that so many believe his deceit, pathological lies, aggressive, vindictive nature are normal…and will benefit them at all.


Oh. My. God. You just can’t make this stuff up! That Clown in the White House has got to go.


Do we really want a President who pretends to be sane? Who pretends to have a heart and soul? Who pretends to be human?

Not me.

I’m for getting the Tar and Feathers and running him out of town on a Rail.


Yes, you are right. That is the most disturbing truth of all.


What is really frightening to me, is if your figure is correct that 38% of the country still support and even worship Trump, that would mean that millions and millions of Americans condone the unconscionable and horrible things of what Trump is doing and has done.

What is truly frightening to me, is that Trump was correct! When he said he could “shoot someone in cold blood” and these same people would still support him!


I know, that depresses me as well. I walk around and see my fellow citizens, knowing that over a third of them are really those types of people, inside. Burgeoning Good Germans, ready and willing to stand up and support Der Fuhrer if he were to call on them to take the next step. “It Can’t Happen Here” - oh, yes it can. And we are seeing just how many Americans will be eager to be the first in line.

Frightening indeed.


Thanks for your reply.

Too bad Sinclair Lewis is deceased because someone needs to write a sequel to the book: It can’t happen here and name it: IT IS HAPPENING HERE!


The Baldridge family better verify that the check is “good” before they cash it. Now wouldn’t that explode the news wires: “Trump Check to Gold Star Family Cannot Be Cashed Due to NSF.”

Wishing that a human body occupied by “resident evil” devoid of heart and soul and oozing with disdain for all humans is futile.



Wait a minute! Has the Great Trumpkin expressed a human emotion? Did he actually feel shame? But we’re through the looking glass, so it’s probably just wishful thinking on my part.


We can hope that the $25k check sets a precedent; that the families of other soldiers killed will receive one too. When 40 soldiers are gone, that would be $1,000,000 out of Trump’s pocket. (How many have died on his watch already?) Trump would be less inclined to drive the US into new, bigger wars if he knew he had to keep paying this lack-of-empathy tax.


The 38% won’t get to the same point, because they are little trumps themselves.


He’d just call it ‘fake news’, and his base would believe him.


And he still hasn’t answered the first question posed to him concerning what the special forces were doing in Niger in the first place. Just what Amerikkka needs, another dirty little war.

Also, you know when Liddle Donnie Daycare says “his personal account” he means money donated by someone to his reelection fund or charity and not actually his own money.


John Kelly, stunning general sycophant.


So what were the soldiers doing in Niger? Part of AFRICOM, African Command, because don’tcha know we have COMMAND operations in every piece of the globe. It’s Amerika’s job to starve its own citizens so it can spend every dollar it can on being the self-appointed world police over the world’s resources. Amerika can’t afford health care because of its COMMAND CENTERS all over the world.

So, what were these kids doing in Niger? Dying for Amerikan corporate control of the world. Military personnel are fighting and dying for the corporate owners of the nation, not for any semblance of freedom, unless they’re fighting for the NSA’s freedom to spy on EVERYONE IN THE WORLD! They’re fighting and dying for the oligarch’s freedom to slaughter whomever they want, whenever they want, for whatever lame reason they want. They’re fighting and dying for militarized police department’s freedom to shoot and kill unarmed citizens with impunity. They’re fighting and dying for the freedom of big pharma and big ag to kill us with their overpriced poison. Worst of all, they’re fighting and dying for the big fat lies of Amerika’s criminal government.


Inevitably the day will arrive where the hardest among us will find ourselves before God. Bearing in mind what is written in those mere 250 or so pages of the four gospels concerning the words of the Son of God Jesus Christs’ requests from us to attain the Kingdom, sometimes referred to as, “Salvation;” will the selfish and apathetic on earth regret their lack of mercy as they see before them their new destination…