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As 68 Die in One Day of Airstrikes, UN Denounces US-Backed War in Yemen


As 68 Die in One Day of Airstrikes, UN Denounces US-Backed War in Yemen

Julia Conley, staff writer

"As the conflict in which civilians have borne the brunt marks 1,000 days, I once again remind all parties that it has no military solution. There can only be a political solution."


In a perfect world—or even in one not so bad as this—the US would withdraw its support of the Saudi “royal family,” leaving them to the tender mercies of those they’ve oppressed and exploited for so long, and start buying petroleum from the people at a fair price.

Of course, this is unlikely, given the striking similarities between SA’s ruling class (misogynist, obscurantist and crony capitalist) and ours.


Wonder how much war profit that Is per death?


Shameful that only one democrat has stood up to this inhumane war, like all wars. Why is the supposedly civilized western world so entrenched with SA? I haven’t understood since 9/11/2001. But I guess we all know the answer: greed and profit making from war mongering.


Yes! What is needed in my view, is to change the war narrative. From the costs of wars; to the profits from wars. How many terrorists deaths from the attacks; the devastation from wars; how many innocent civilians died in an attack ad nauseam. To what the war mongers and their fawning parasites; the presstittutes; and the whorespondents never ever mention… the war profits!


I disagree. As long as Amerika is a military dictatorship backed by a compliant Congress and an insane President, there will never be any political solution.


I would like to see legislation, like we had in the past, that makes it against federal law to profit from war supplies during a time of war.


Simon and Garfunkel…Strangest Dream


Chris Murphy wants “officials” to make sure Saudis are not using starvation as a weapon of war? Chris, it don’t matter what the officials might say- the U.S/Saudi
coalition is now as it has been doing this whole war using starvation as a weapon-
use d by USA, Saudis still doing it. Tell your president to quit the Saudis and end the war


Instead of dropping bombs on Yemen, I would much rather drop Trump and his entire cabinet of rich Republicans into Yemen. On their heads. Any bets this will not lead to a multi billion dollar Trump War, that he will have multi billion profits from?


Senator Murphy, Senator Warren,Senator Sanders—YOU NEED TO CALL OUT THE US MEDIA FOR NOT DOING THE REAL REPORTING ON US INVOLVEMENT IN YEMEN! Go to the Senate floor and call out the corporate media for NOT doing their job. I will bet 80% of Americans have no idea of US involvement in Yemen.

And I say the same too my two home state Senators Harris and Feinstein----support this or don’t support it --but it is unconscionable that the US news media fail to report what is happening in Yemen and Afghanistan. Americans need a full daily understanding what the military is doing.


Senator Murphy, Senator Warren,Senator Sanders

Senator Warren is one of the worst warmongers out there. She joined Lindsay Graham and John McCain in Afghanistan and endlessly argues for more war.

Tulsi Gabbard is really the dems best bet for an antiwar candidate. She actually votes against the war machine. I hope the Dems are not so stupid as to put Elizabeth Warren as their 2020 potus candidate. imho as far as foreign policy, she’s just another Hillary. Independents like myself will vote 3rd party or stay home rather than vote for another warmonger.