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As 75 Percent of Americans Fear 'Major War' Under Trump, Most Favor Diplomacy


As 75 Percent of Americans Fear 'Major War' Under Trump, Most Favor Diplomacy

Julia Conley, staff writer

A vast majority of Americans are concerned about the United States' potential involvement in a new major war—but most think military action is the wrong way to go about approaching international threats, according to an NBC poll released Tuesday.

The survey finds that more than three-quarters of citizens are worried about a significant military conflict touching off—up 10 points from 66 percent in February.


#No More War!

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, we must…

#Give Peace A Chance!


I’m glad to see Iran didn’t make the top three. But, we’re not doing our best work until Saudi Arabia finishes in the money. The Saudis are a very troubling bunch, causing harm by their paranoia.
There are proxy wars in the MENA and elsewhere pointing the finger right back at them, as well. Radical Wahabbist ideology and all that $$$. Yikes.

The American people put the wrong person around the big red button, though. Trump needs a win, the Gorsuch appt. is getting stale and with a big stall on healthcare, watch out. His base is not sure they’re winning. Trump needs them to survive his only term. Scary scenarios and a con man at the helm.
Increasingly, his big lies and the policy failures will force him to act. That’s what 75% of America should continue to worry about; Trump winning.


Our government does not run from thr bottom up it runs from the wallet up and then the top down.


Mr. Mueller, please hurry.


"…41 percent believe that Kim Jong Un’s government poses the greatest threat to the United States. ISIS was the top worry for just 28 percent of respondents, while 18 percent listed Russia as the greatest threat."

And yet so many still do not realize that the largest threat to the globe is none other than the USA.


Well this might just be the only term for us as well.


For what it’s worth N Korea is just trying to keep their country for themselves. The “nuclear deterrent” is just to keep other powers from taking over their impoverished country. The US has portrayed N Korea as an enemy since the war in 1950. The US with the generals in charge are the biggest threat toward world peace. Diplomacy is really the only way forward. Also as far as I can tell they haven’t been able to put a nuke on the missiles, yet.


The neocons are doing their damnedest to undermine the few good things, like the partial ceasefire in Syria, and go about their heinous warring ways leaving death and destruction in their wake.


Why would we do something except run with the status quo regarding The Saudis?

Anti-Shiite Saudi interests align with Israel’s.
The Saudis spend big on US weapons.
The Saudis ultimately control world oil prices.

Seems like an alliance made in Zionist/Wahabbist/MIC heaven. And really, what’s a few human rights abuses between friends?


Ironically, NBC is part of the chorus of war-mongering media that is likely to push Trump into a war.


Didn’t Putzy & The Big Orange Dummy decide Assad had to go eventually? Assad goes to Iran?
I sure hope Assad got the memo😉.
We’ll see what the Kurds think about all this.
Time to go for a peace treaty, and bale on this area, the Kurds want their old, and own, country back including the Northern energy resources.


Israel has no oil and natural gas. And, the 5th largest military in the world. Also. a growing economy. Hmmmm…, gee, I give up. Why $$$, land and hate seem to go hand in hand. P.S. Israel has proven to be no friend of progress ( ives ).


War is great for ratings.
All mainstream media co. used to be owned by defense contractors, not sure how many today.


Agree. Don’t forget we are the agitators, with war games on the boarder with N Korea, battleship groups just off their shore.


Nikki Haley is the perfect representative of the sociopaths running the Washington DC insane asylum.


“But U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley has said North Korea is “quickly closing off the possibility of a diplomatic solution.””

What in the hell would Nicki Haley know???
Is she not the woman, A few short months ago, that went strutting into the United Nations in mini skirt and high riding boots and arrogantly told them just how it was going to be ?


Is that 0.41% or 41%,? Please be careful about using the dot to mean decimal places and dot dot dot, and so on…


Money as it grows in size needs more and more protection to preserve and expand it infinitely. Paranoia and schizophrenia are the resulting diseases of having to protect great wealth begotten by illicit means.


I often wonder why are the rich so gungho about going to war with so many countries. Analysis show repeatedly that a war with either north Korea or Iran will spell disaster. Iran being backed by both Russia and China as well as North Korea will mean fight North Korea or Iran will involve Russia and China. Even supposing Iran and North Korea are not backed by other super powers the mayhem produced will be sufficient to cause enormous chaos and substantial disruption in flow of ME oil and other goods. The outcome of a war with NK is more dire due to the use of nuclear weapons and proximity of large population including tens of thousands of American soldiers center from NK borders.