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As a Dreamer, I Will Not Be A Bargaining Chip for Trump’s Attack on Immigrants

As a Dreamer, I Will Not Be A Bargaining Chip for Trump’s Attack on Immigrants

Lisette Diaz

So many words come to mind right now to describe how I feel about the loss of DACA: devastation, anger, rage, betrayal, hopelessness, fear, sadness. DACA transformed my life.

Solid article. There is an elephant in the room, however - same elephant that is there in virtually every article on DACA. I have no idea why Diaz came to the US, but plenty of folks migrate north because US corporate apparatus have made a decent life untenable back home. And itʻs not just Trump. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State made a coup in Honduras in 2009, installing a right-wing pro-corporate regime to replace a very mildly progressive one. The result? Honduras is now the murder capital of the world according to CNN, and according to the Guardian, many, many of those murders are random, violent killings of women - femicide. According to the Guardian, the random killing of women has dramatically spiked since the 2009 coup, and of course those murders are never investigated by the police. And now, the US is attempting to duplicate the Honduras coup in Venezuela. Of course people are going to flee the country. We all would.

If Trumpler (or Hillary / Obummer) really wanted to reduce immigration of reasonable levels, they would focus on curtailing the US corporate and government carnivores south of the border that rob people of decent lives and futures. We do not live in a US bubble. Lives south of the border matter just as much as lives inside the US.

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And what happened in Chile Sept 11,1973. Don’t worry though ,as you say companies like Amazon are supporting the “dreamers” just as democrats and republicans because the corporate masters want cheap labor. Kind of strange how Daca is all over the news----yet on Labor Day hardly a mention in the corporate media about those protesting around the country for a living wage. And silence from democratic leadership on healthcare for all ,and the living wage issue. But Chuck and Nancy hung out with the Donald today—they agreed to raise the debt ceiling to pay for more wars like Yemen and Afghanistan to support the MIC.

But the elderly on social security can go screw themselves because there is no inflation----people on social security are becoming the new homeless.