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As a Lesbian of African Descent, I Am Not an American—Not Completely

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/06/lesbian-african-descent-i-am-not-american-not-completely

This is a huge topic with tentacles of thought and reason reaching into every aspect of American life. Including the history that some don’t understand or even care about. Then there is a void in some communities of exposure to racial divides. We need to address one aspect of racism toward African Americans at a time. Just one white guys opinion.


The “ I am “ in the I am this or that ,in ones concocted identity continues to be the real issue when it comes to fairness, equality, unity.
Maybe the question should be WHY would anyone want to call themselves an American or any other limited identity that carries the inherent quality of exclusion in its makeup.
If every country in the World creates laws protecting ALL of their citizens and distributes wealth and needs evenly , we would still not have a REAl unified planet but one where just legislation is always being challenged by people’s individual identities .
There is a deeper form of unity that is not dependent on external control that has always been crushed by the incessant need to be a “ somebody” at the expense of our source that is always in wholeness.
Yes we should make laws to protect the needs of ALL the citizens of the Earth, but until a majority of people on the planet discover their True identity we will have to settle for limited success.

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The inequalities and injustices are real enough, and there is still a long way to go in these areas.

Declaring oneself to not be an American, while holding citizenship & passport, and admittedly enjoying all the “privileges”, seems more like a semantic feel-good trick than anything else. It certainly won’t change much.

Typical Registered DUMBasCRAP Americans trying to use their “identify” to be “dividers.”
Blacks should read “Out of America.” It’s a book written by an educated Black American who traveling back to Africa (not unlike Arab AmeriCON Man Enemy Obama).
After living on Africa, he came to realize that the RACISM he experienced there by different “shades of blackness” was repulsive. He said the best thing to happen to Blacks was when his and others black ancestors sold their ancestors into slavery to Democrats in America.
Tragically, too many blacks like the author of this opinion piece blame others for their lot in life and don’t accept responsibility for the fact that maybe it’s their attitude that is the problem.
Look at a low IQ Uneducated ingrate in Colon Kapperdick. His black Sperm Donor got his white girlfriend pregnant. Once he found out she was pregnant, he disappeared. His mom gave baby Colon up for adoption. A white family with 3 kids of their own adopted him and gave him a great life. But obviously, you can’t take Racism and stupidily out of Racial Arsonist Colon Kapperdick.
These uneducated people are horrible people who Divide and tear down America. Why? Because Affirmative Action STUPIDITY has one making excuses as opposed to taking the time and sacrifices needed to become successful. Case in point? Colon Kapperdicks career was over as a failed NFL Quarterback. He was 3rd string for a team the year before he lost 15 out of 16 games. He didn’t accept responsibility for his shitty performance, but rather, he blamed it on Racism in America. Racist like Colon Kapperdick and the author of this opinion piece continue to prove why; “an excuse is a reason with a bad reputation.” Now there is something they actually earned…