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As Advertisers Flee, Critics Not Buying Laura Ingraham's Apology to Parkland Shooting Survivor


As Advertisers Flee, Critics Not Buying Laura Ingraham's Apology to Parkland Shooting Survivor

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Advertisers start jumping ship and suddenly Ingraham realizes that mocking the misfortunes of a teen gun violence victim might be over the line."

"Laura Ingraham doesn't have any shame. She just understands that she finally crossed a line that would cost her advertisers."
—Brian Klaas


Memo to all those who are frantically slut-shaming Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels: here’s a much more deserving target for your venom.


Of course critics won’t buy it. They’re 100% invested in not buying it. The only apologies which folks who don’t want to accept an apology to begin with will be OK with, is total self immolation and accepting all their ideas.


Well, she was a paid slut. Well paid. Looking for more good payout on this one, as shown by her coy tactics. Being a free market guy and far more tolerant of true diversity than most can handle, I’ve got nothing against (adult) sex work of any kind, but let’s be honest about her motive here.


Do you mean Ingraham’s motive? Which of the two is the honest paid slut? And which is the (much) better paid one?


A huge Bravo to David Hogg and Brava to Emma Gonzalez for their outstanding moral courage, integrity ,and activism, both attempted victims of the political right and NRA nutters attempting to tear them down - the truth is both Emma and David are only stronger, and it is the low-life talking heads, Faux News, nay-sayers and right-wing “religious” extremists that are being torn down! The utter lack of common decency and true religious, humanist, values by this group is astonishing in its callous indifference and contempt for the lives of others…

Guess what Fox? The joke’s on YOU and your very ugly spokesperson! ENOUGH!


Hats off to David–he is obviously pretty smart and if Columbia University or Harvard demonstrate a brain and a heart they will beg you to enroll in their institution and with a scholarship to boot.


Ingraham is a Rat. A particularly vile hateful Rat.

Let her get back on the sinking ship of Fools that she rolls with.


Yeah except for we’re on the same ship and the’re driving.


They are 100% invested in calling her out for a phony apology that was a result of Hogg’s responding to her right wing hate attack.

Yes I will say it again. Conservatives, Libertarians, White Nationalists…have driven HATE in this country for decades, and you should be celebrating actually because right wing extremist hate is on the rise.

Trump intentionally leveraged this hate to gain power.

That is what you ultimately defend here.

But of course, you put yourself up on a pedestal of civility.

Some of us aren’t that clucking stupid to buy your special brand of propaganda.


And don’t forget to include The Sane Progressive that needs to get a lot of push back for having climbed in bed with right wing hate against these kids.

In fact, she is one of those responsible for driving this hate against these kids.

Check out her videos at your own risk however. And the forums underneath the videos are a sight to behold.


“she was a paid slut…Being…tolerant of true diversity…I’ve got nothing against (adult) sex work.”

And “slut” is your “tolerant” term for a woman that engages in paid “(adult) sex work”?


Mmmhmm. That’s really looking hate free.


Yup. What’s wrong with slut? Aren’t we all slut tolerant?


“Mmmhmm. That’s really looking hate free.”

Awww, widdle prostitute-dependent Occam is calling for peace love and understanding. 'At’s so cuuuuute!


Saw it the same way. Occam is running smokescreen in the request for honesty

If people truly understood the power of their pocketbooks there wouldn’t be a Wall Street banker problem

Hit the predators where it hurts em most, in their pocketbooks.

Refi your house, pull your account, don’t shop there, boycott, divest, sanction.

the spirit of Holy Week as it has been pointed out


Laura’s apology was perfunctory to say the least! I never watch the foxy, fascist, news channel but I may put it on mute just to see who their advertisers are…so I know what not to buy!


baska: "And “slut” is your “tolerant” term for a woman that engages in paid “(adult) sex work”?

Occam: “Yup.”

Thnx for clarifying.


ALL the scum of this woman’s ilk seem to APOLOGIZE when they get “called out” on something. To me, their apologies, after being “called” are worth about as much as a monopoly dollar can actually be worth its face value. All these people are doing is trying to “save face”, nothing more. PATHETIC!!!


Who and why should I care?