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As Advocates Demand News Media 'Cover the Crisis,' Poll Shows Voters Want Comprehensive Reporting on Climate Change

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/18/advocates-demand-news-media-cover-crisis-poll-shows-voters-want-comprehensive

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What nobody at all wants to cover is the steering of supposed R&D money to political friends.

Elephant #1: The Vogtle nuclear power plant got $25 billion. I’m telling you up down and sideways that solar thermal is a huge, hard-to-monopolize and affordable answer, but how much money do you think solar thermal picked up? Solar thermal wasn’t even on the Department of Energy, SBIR list under the Obama Administration. Do you think that even one progressive news outlet covered this stuff?

Elephant #2: The European Union graciously put up $25 billion for renewables R&D. Then they quietly shoveled the last $21 billion of that $25 billion back into the old wallet. So, they get credit for adequately funding renewables R&D, without the actual expense of funding renewables R&D. Who do you think covered this stuff? Anybody?

If you want to be kept in the dark and fed animal wastes, be a mushroom.

Due to ongoing collective amnesia, I’m forced to remind myself that the 2018 midterms went the way they did primarily due to people voting their concerns about climate change.

Corporate media needs to be regulated as do so many other things now. Information has to be taken out of the hands of corporate boards. The first amendment wasn’t drafted to shield lies, nor private financial interests.

Both candidates promise to be a nightmaare for climate because of trade deals, WHICH ALL LOCK IN ALL LOSSES IRREVERSIBLY, permanently, no election can reverse it without literally buying the sector back, just like with healthcare, the media is titally hushing that up.

(Yes, Bernie lied to all of us on dozens of things, badly.)

By the way they also are trading away your jobs.

something the media totally fails to cover all the time.

we need new candidates, not a more of the same old crap. TTIP which Biden is giaranteed to revive, basically is a nightmare, permanantly goving corporations rights to extract as much as they want., For Chrissakes this is the US. the citidel of extractive industries. IN SHORT, SUNRISE MOVEMENT, ARE YOU CAPTURED TOO?

Also, re “Green jobs” how could we be so gullible.


WE F****D UP.