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As Aerial Footage of Devastated Bahamas Emerges, Campaigners Ask How Much Destruction and Death Before Global Climate Action Taken?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/03/aerial-footage-devastated-bahamas-emerges-campaigners-ask-how-much-destruction-and

Dorian is a revelation, like Paradise. Before the ashes of Paradise fell down on us, we didn’t realize you could lose a whole town in a couple of hours. Before Dorian finally moved on, we didn’t realize you could lose a whole archipelago in a couple of days.


While the rest of the world has pretty much accepted that global warming is an existential threat to the future of humanity, Americans continue to sit in the little school bus, licking the windows and rubbing shit all over themselves.
Despite the fact that, in the last 15-20 years we have bore witness to entire cities and towns destroyed by hurricanes, my guess is that the pile of bodies will have to be considerably higher than king Kong’s ass before the average American will feel compelled to do anything.


I hear that Boris Johnson is on his way to Nassau with a container of paper towels as we speak.


September 20–be out in the streets for the climate and ecological crisis–Everywhere.

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I’ve been saying this since 2000

The Republican brain cannot relate to an issue until it jumps up and bites them in their own personal ass. It’s that simple.


Caligula will be pissed


Wearily we watch the regularly scheduled solemn parade of charity appeals and benefit concerts, on the deck of this sinking Earth like the band on the Titanic. Chin up, chums! As a wee tad (in good old days when atmospheric CO2 really was below 350ppm – so they tell me) my favorite flick for awhile was the classic Poseidon Adventure. Sorry to share an earworm, (warning: Maureen McGovern weeper hazard ahead) but I still think it’s a beautiful song (slight hopes notwithstanding):

There’s got to be a morning after
If we can hold on through the night.
We have a chance to find the sunshine,
Let’s keep on looking for the light.

Oh, can’t you see the morning after?
It’s waiting right outside the storm.
Why don’t we cross the bridge together,
And find a place that’s safe and warm?

Goes into that “stuff I used to believe” file, where I don’t like tossing it. Another thing I’ve come to disbelieve in lately is false charity. My teaching coach Paulo Freires tells me false charity is always a foundation stone of oppression. How are we going to make amends to Bahamians, now that we have destroyed their whole archipelago with our heedlessness? How many of these charities will say anything (let alone do anything) about attacking the fossil-fuel extractors at the source of such horrors?


If concrete action hasn’t happened yet, it never will. Folks will wait until after the collapse to do something as they come to terms that things will be different from now on. They’ve been being warned since at least the early 70’s as in the First Earth Day in April of 1970. I was in 10th grade. I’ve been waiting for something from the leadership of this country to address this issue to no avail. By the 1990’s it was very apparent that the climate was rapidly changing. Still nothing. Remember Hurricane Andrew that flattened southern Florida? Nothing. Harvey that flooded Huston? Nothing. On and on, still nothing. Well folks here it is again. Will folks quit flying to places, driving cars, shopping for stuff they don’t need, etc, etc? Until then nothing will change. Collapse is now inevitable. How bad the only question remaining. Peace


Things arent looking too good for him in good old blighty; he’ll be glad to escape. I also liked kate aronoff’s mention of bezos’s escape plan. LOL.

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Common Dreams are asking for their own donations to keep this website operational. That would be like a charity giving to another charity and unfair.

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Here’s the reality now:

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Common Dreams could try to encourage donations but mostly maybe we it’s posters could make lifestyle change suggestions. How about we all tried to drive a little less and bicycle a little more? How about we drive more fuel efficient vehicles? Or how about us all individually planting a few trees?

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Top priority: displace fossil fuels, sequester gigatons of carbon in the soil using agricultural methods.stop the Arctic meltdown from releasing CO2 and methane, restore tropical rain forests and grasslands, preserve species from mass extinction.

Second priority: Build higher levees around New Orleans, around Miami, around NYC, around your downtown.

Third priority: land rescue dogs in the Bahamas, save lives immediately.

Bottom priority: send boxes of cereal.

That top photo is hard to see. I don’t see any people. All the houses are ruined.

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That is what I was thinking as well. I can’t afford a three day vacation to a tropical island, let alone send relief money.That’s the responsibility of the 1% and the tax cut money they got, not the 99%.
It is said that with great wealth comes great responsibility.

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We cannot stop climate change, people realize that right? It is not like the US could legislate a reduction of COCs and then all of a sudden the climate will normalize and go back to normal. That is not how it works. The effects we see today are the results of COCs spewed into the atmosphere 40 years ago, not 4 years ago.

In reality most legislation aimed at this is going to be something along the lines of a “5% reduction by 2029” or something, which is not enough. A 5% or even 30% reduction over the next 10 years, which is all we can hope to get out of Washington and the world (which is a very ambitious number by the way) is simply not enough to stop any of this. That’s delusional and naive at best.

Our focus needs to be on adaptation. Realistically speaking, and with the tools and governments we have, as well as just the reality of the situation of what is doable right now, there is just no way that we can enact the drastic measures necessary on a planetary level to stop or even reverse climate change. In other words, the destruction and deaths will happen whether we legislate something today or not. There is no way to stop this.


You do know that 90 pecent of the residents of the the Bahamas are low-wage black descendents of slaves with unemployement averaging 20-25 percent, don’t you?