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As Alabama GOP Calls for Ilhan Omar's Expulsion From Congress, Minnesota Dem and Her Allies Hit Back

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/28/alabama-gop-calls-ilhan-omars-expulsion-congress-minnesota-dem-and-her-allies-hit

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Memo to AL state Rep. Hanes:

Rep. Omar’s disloyalty is not to the US, but to the CSA, which you seem to believe still exists (it doesn’t–get over it already).


Roy Moore twit sez:
Omar "should go back to Somalia from whence she came” …

So, back to Omar, eh?
Have we already run out of Palestinian Harvard students?


The father or brother of one of Roy Moore’s victims should show him some southern justice.
Alabama GOP and the Trump cult should be expelled from the USA.

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This is the state of American politics, circa 2019…“Go back where you came from.”

But somehow we’re supposed to have hope that we can tackle a crisis like climate chaos.


Hate never takes a day off, does it?


Makes me want a “Christians are criminals” bumpersticker.

There’s a lot of Indians who’d like to see these christians go back to where they came from for being disloyal to Native America. Wasn’t that Syria where christianity comes from?

These prejudiced white assholes really piss me off. I wish they could get a taste of thier own nastiness. They have no respect for real democracy particularly when they don’t like the results of the elections.


If you really want to upset these Christians in Alabama, just tell them that there was no way Jesus was a white guy from the Middle East 2000 years ago. Unlike the artist’s renditions in their bibles, Jesus and all his disciples were either black or brown. They don’t want to know that. I told that to my sister, a white Texas Christian who dresses up every Sunday for church services in an all white Methodist church. She told me I was being blasphemous and to not talk about Jesus that way. I didn’t want to tell her that these books in the Bible are mostly fairy tales.


I have also brought that up, and you’re right, it drives them bat-shit crazy.

What a great comeback by Omar. Her and OAC’s natural whit remind me of books Mad Magazine used to put out years ago, “Snappy Answers To Stupid Questions”.

Love the “Well, the Klan has spoken”, also.


Now that Trump is in the WHITE House these Klan members feel comfortable removing their Hoods.

I have News for these BIGOTS we are NEVER, EVER going back to the Horrific Hatred these Southern Racial Fanatics perpetrated against our Fellow Human Beings.

It is the Racists that should be going back where they came from, they are Un-American and there is no place for Bigotry in America.

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Such Pride in their Terror. Makes me chuckle. Check under yer beds tonight Proud Boys, the bogey man awaits you and so does his sister with that head-napkin thingy. Be afraid. Be very afraid, you Proud little boys.


"Such pride in Their Terror."

Father, never forgive them, for they know exactly what they do.


These bigots can’t get away with trashing black folks publicly anymore, but apparently think they can with other non whites.
The KKK mentality still survives no matter how many antibiotics we shove down their throats. There may be no medicine for generational bigots.

We have just as big of a problem with truth since trump arrived.
One of his top level campaign spokespersons today said trump has never lied. Doesn’t believe that thousands are on record, and that trump averages six a day. What do we do when that many people have been brainwashed? Speaking of his “Deplorables.”

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Yes, I too wish they could get a taste of their own nastiness.

Perhaps, a really, really large taste.

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Using the Alabama GOP rationale all white German Americans should go back home. Whether we consider them as Nazi’s or not apparently.
Stupid is as stupid does.


The Hand Of Doom Looms Large Over Us All.

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What confederates couldn’t win through treason (marching poor folks into the grapeshot, canister and miniballs of loyal Americans protecting their country) they try to steal through spewing hate-filled lies, only craven fools believe. Feudal kleptocracy, where a very few churls rob everysomebody to maintain oligarchy is all they know. How to suck up to some wet-brained moron, who tells them they’re superior because of generation after generation of incestuous inbreeding has saved them from evolution? Survival of the fattest, I recon?



Why are republicans such low rent pieces of shit? A question…how many of you have ever seen a conservative/republican with anything other than a scowl on their face?


Hi Dawg,

My folks were both lifelong Republicans. They were both lovely parents that smiled much more than they scowled.

For real.

They smile after they’ve ripped me off and cheated me or otherwise ground me under their heal.