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As Amazon and California Burn, New Analysis Warns Human Activity Driving Global Increase in Fires

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/28/amazon-and-california-burn-new-analysis-warns-human-activity-driving-global-increase

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So this is a month old:


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What thread to comment on - where to begin - where to end ??

Heh wings - I’m reading a new book (2015) by Freeman Dyson, who died last February.


It’s refreshing - which is important.

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From the synopsis on the website:

"global warming, the current calculations of which he thinks are probably wrong; "

In which way i wonder.

Difficult to get books like this here. And refuse to do “online” shopping.

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I’ve read his chapter on global warming - very informative - but Dyson is not everyone’s cup of tea.

From what I can gather - he thought the modeling prone to error, clouds are not well understood for example, which is true, though some progress is being made there. He doesn’t really seem to use the paleoclimate info from ice cores and such - which for example, is James Hansen’s principal tool, or very close to it.

Dyson always surprises though with angles and insights rarely, if ever, found anywhere else.

Primarily though it is not that he dismisses global warming, but that he thinks other matters more important, like social justice. He is what I believe is called a ‘third culture’ thinker - a gifted polymath who believes there should be little or no separation between science and the humanities, and further has always been willing and able to communicate his views to the public in understandable language.

He opens my mind to new thoughts - which is for me priceless. And he is not at all dogmatic - always being willing to hear opposite opinions, and print them in his own book.

Extremely refreshing in these seriously unrefreshing times.

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Thankyou manysummits for that. I wonder why we seem to be the only two on here.!!! Are we missing something? (Rhetorical)

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Actually - probably not ~

I get a lot of my books second hand from Abe Books - I try and get a former library copy in good condition - usually comes with a protective plastic jacket cover.

I am finding out in Dreams of Earth & Sky that I am of the Socratic School - one gains by asking questions.

Just in case you change your mind:


Thanks again. Don’t forget i live in Spain.

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