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As Amazon Faces Grilling in Congress, EU Launches Antitrust Probe of Online Behemoth

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/17/amazon-faces-grilling-congress-eu-launches-antitrust-probe-online-behemoth

An example of how Big Government is the only entity that can take on Big Business

Here’s hoping that Amazon gets crushed and broken up.

Having said that - LOL - maybe it will happen in the EU, but in this country where government is broken and most elected officials take bribes, probably not


Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Border’s Books start out very nicely, using Amazon to fulfill Borders’ orders? I know Border’s expanded pretty quickly in the Chicago area, that likely had something to do with their demise as well.

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As was posted a few days ago:
Amazon Alternatives - in case anyone would like to bookmark it


Bookmarked Tx.

ANd this just out

Amazon should not be allowed to sell new items which are already being sold by sellers on its site. If Amazon elects to sever ties with a seller, Amazon should not be allowed, for one year, to sell any new items that were being sold on Amazon by that seller. In other words, Amazon should be required to sign non-compete (for one year) clauses with their sellers; but, only with regard to selling new items. This would not apply to used items… – This is not rocket science; This is simply common sense.

Standard Oil was broken up and yet the country is still enslaved to fossil fuels. AT&T was broken up in favor of regional monopolies like Comcast, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. If we break up Amazon, Google and Facebook it will help for a few years but then the big will eat the small and its right back where it all started. The problems of capitalism are baked into the system.


I’ll bet I have more grad level education in this area than you…grumpy (-: We’ll see what the EU does to Amazon’s “business model”.

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Your apparent ‘anger’ could be better utilized than to make baseless assumptions about other human being posters here at CD. What can we do ‘together’ to benefit each and every one of us? So much energy expenditure with so little reward.